Sponsors A Todo Trapo Critical Thinking

Hindi ako basher or hater ng #AlDub or however you wanna hashtag them. It’s just mere entertainment, and nothing else. How the people view them is the thing that matters. AlDub is just there para pakiligin, at palipasin ang oras ng taong nanunuod habang nagtatanghalian, and have better bonding with their families who’re watching it together. But if we’re doing #realtalk here, entertainment became worse as it dulls the understanding of the people today. To the point where they’ll battle it out on who’s better, #pastillasgirl or AlDub. Heneral Luna, or AlDub. WHATEVER vs AlDub.They’re just bashing each other around social media but never did anything to get their lives fixed.

Elementary to college, professionals or bums, I’m not saying everyone who’s a fan, but most of them will tweet or put statuses with LOTS of positive things about their idols, AlDub man o Pastillas Girl, but bashes an educational movie showing Mabini on why he’s just sitting THE WHOOOOOOOLE TIME. I mean, C’MON! I knew Mabini couldn’t stand since I was in early elementary! May pang-load kayo to update your statuses on FB or Tweeter para maki-AlDub pero mangungutang or magpapalibre ng pagkain for lunch, or ng pamasahe pauwi o maski pangyosi nyo man lang. There was even a time when I saw loads of students at our trike terminal watching the kalyeserye when a prof caught them and said “May pasok kayo ah!?”, and their reply was “Sir wait lang po, please!?”. And I was like “Whooow”. These kids really know what their priorities are, aren’t they?

I tried to watch the show for about 4 straight days now to understand why it’s a such a BOOM for the masses but it’s the trio (Jose, Wally, and Paolo) who’re getting my attention and humor. Not just students, but even adults are no longer considering this an entertainment, but a lifestyle, if that’s exactly the term. Again, wala namang masama umantabay sa mga paborito nyong bagay, pero kung magrereflect naman dito yung kababawan ng isip natin, better think twice kung ano ba talaga ang nagpapaikot ng mga kukote natin. Think before you click isn’t really the thing ever since, and never worked for these kinds of people.

I’m not posting my looooong points for the likes or comments that I can gather. I just want to bump the heads of those who’re shallow in understanding. If this cleared things out for you, then I’m happy with it. Let’s just enjoy the entertainment offered by these channels and not make our day living like 12 hours AlDub, and another 12 hours for something else more important. Ciao!

A band of extraordinary chemistry and exquisite musicianship, I’m With Her features Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz, and Aoife O’Donovan. Collectively, the multi-Grammy-Award-winners have released seven solo efforts, co-founded two seminal bands (Nickel Creek and Crooked Still), and contributed to critically acclaimed albums from a host of esteemed artists. But from its very first moments, their full-length debut See You Around reveals the commitment to creating a wholly unified band sound. With each track born from close songwriting collaboration, I’m With Her builds an ineffable magic from their finespun narratives and breathtaking harmonies. The result is an album both emotionally raw and intricate, revealing layers of meaning and insight within even the most starkly adorned track.

Co-produced by Ethan Johns (Ryan Adams, Laura Marling, Paul McCartney) and the band and recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in a tiny English village near Bath, See You Around delivers a warmly textured yet stripped-down sound that proves both fresh and timeless. To achieve the album’s intimate feel, I’m With Her recorded live in the tight confines of the Wood Room, all three members performing in the same room without monitors or headphones. With its piercingly lyricism, See You Around also finds I’m With Her showing the uncompromising honesty of their songwriting. That intensity is heightened by the band’s effortless harmonizing, which the New York Times has praised as “sweetly ethereal, or as tightly in tandem as country sibling teams like the Everly Brothers, or as hearty as mountain gospel.”

Layered with lush guitar tones and crystalline harmonies, See You Around’s title track opens the album with a breakup ballad of rare nuance (“It’s about coming to the end of a long relationship where you both run in the same circles, and that melancholy feeling of knowing you’re going to have to keep seeing that person again and again,” Jarosz explains). A bittersweet mood endures for songs like “Ain’t That Fine,” a wistful meditation on existential ups and downs that ultimately discovers solace in its reflection and reckoning (sample lyric: “I can’t believe the things I put my mother through/But it’s alright, I guess we all deserve our turn to be a fool”).

From track to track, I’m With Her infuses their sonic palette with so many unexpected and subtly captivating elements: the jagged guitar lines and chanteuse-like delivery of “I-89,” the percussive vocal phrasing of “Game to Lose,” the ghostly harmonies and eerie atmospherics of “Wild One.” At the same time, the band’s finely wrought lyrics gently shift from the darkly charged storytelling of “Pangaea” to the sleepy sensuality of “Ryland (Under the Apple Tree)” to the romantic travel tale of “Overland.” And on the Gillian Welch-penned “Hundred Miles”—a gorgeously understated track, and the album’s only song written outside the band—See You Around closes out with a world-weary but potent message of hope.

All through See You Around, I’m With Her exhibit a refined musicality that reflects their deep musical roots. After years of crossing paths in their intersecting scenes, the three musicians came together by happenstance for an off-the-cuff performance at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in summer 2014. The very same day, a mutual friend texted them with a last-minute request to open a show that night at the Sheridan Opera House. “We had two hours to prepare for a 30-minute set and we said, ‘Let’s do it, let’s skip margaritas and rehearse,’” O’Donovan recalls. “We worked up six or seven songs in the bathroom, and then went on to this crazy-energetic crowd at one in the morning. I’ll never forget how amazing that felt.”

Later that year, Watkins, O’Donovan, and Jarosz met up in New York to prep for a series of European shows in early 2015, carefully crafting their own arrangements of songs by artists ranging from Jim Croce to Nina Simone. “When you’re arranging a song, you’re communicating in ways that sometimes can be really inefficient,” says Watkins. “But with us it felt like we were all in a similar rhythm.” As their chemistry continued to deepen, the trio soon founded I’m With Her and transformed the project into a fully realized band. “Once you decide it’s a band, you can put it higher on your priority list and give it more attention,” says O’Donovan. “The bar gets raised when something has an air of permanence about it, and that’s definitely been the case for us.”

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