Canopen Heartbeat Beispiel Essay


CANopen Basics - Guarding and Heartbeat

Node Monitoring via Node-Guarding or Heartbeat Messages

To ensure operability of network nodes, CANopen provides two alternatives:
  • Cyclic querying of the node state by a higher order instance, the so-called "NMT-Master" ("node guarding" principle) or
  • Automatic transmission of a "heartbeat message" by the network nodes ("heartbeat" principle).
With node guarding, a certain network node (the so-called NMT-master) requests the other nodes in the network (referred to accordingly as NMT-slaves) with a CAN remote frame one after the other at defined intervals ("guard time") to transmit a data telegram with its current communication state (stopped, operational, pre-operational) together with a toggle-bit. If a node does not respond to the request of the NMT-master within a certain time ("node life time"), this is assessed as a failure of the node and indicated to the host controller of the NMT-master as a "node-guarding event". On the other hand, the NMT-slaves also monitor whether they have received a request from the NMT-master within their "life time". If such a request was absent for longer than the so-called "life time" of a node, the NMT-slave assumes that the NMT-master itself has failed and indicates this event as "Life guarding event" to its host controller.
With node guarding, one CAN identifier per node is required to request the communication state. Low priority messages identifiers with a value of 1792 + node-ID are reserved for this.
With node monitoring according to the heartbeat principle, a node automatically transmits its communication state at regular intervals as evidence of its communication ability. The interval between two heartbeat messages ("heartbeat interval") of a heartbeat producer is configured via the object directory entry [1017]. A value of 0 disables the heartbeat mechanism. The so-called "heartbeat consumer time" of the up to 127 network nodes is given in the OD entry [1016]. This time interval describes the maximum time within which the arrival of a heartbeat message is expected by a particular node.
In a guarding or heartbeat message the communication status is transmitted in the form of a one-byte value:
t ..... Toggle-bit with node guarding
r ..... Reserved (= 0) with heartbeat

The following state values are defined:
0x00 - Bootup; 0x04 - Stopped; 0x05 - Operational; 0x7F - Pre-Operational. The highest value bit is assigned a special role - with guarding it must toggle, with heartbeat it must be constant 0.
The node status message has a special application as a so-called "bootup event". This message ("bootup message") is automatically sent by a network node as soon as it changes from "Initialization" state to "Pre-Operational" state; this notifies all nodes already present in a CANopen network of the presence of a new node. In addition, a configuring node (NMT-master) is informed when it may begin with the configuration of a node. The data byte of the bootup message has the value 0x00.


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