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A Visit to the Zoo by the English Language Society 2014

               The English Language Society of SMK Ahmad had made a visit to zoo for the annual activity. A total of 50 members and four teachers involved in this trip. The main objectives for this trip was to promote awareness of endangered animals in the wild. We did many things there such as sightseeing around the zoo, drawing competition and treasure hunt. 

               Cik Suraya one of our advisors taken the attendance at the school compound by eight on the morning. We boarded the bus with two teachers each buses to supervise the members. We arrived at the zoo at 9 a.m. We tour around the zoo for one hour from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. We found my unique and rarely found animal like panda. It's such a worth sightseeing.

             Next, we gathered in front of zoo lake for the drawing picture competition. We given one hour to finish the drawing. The attractive privet will be given to the winner. It's made us more participated to do our best. By 11 a.m. we started the treasure hunt. We were divided to few groups. Everyone do their best in seeking the treasure. It took one hour to find all the treasure.

           After that, we had our lunch break. We were served with many foods that had been prepared by the zoo workers. We had the prize ceremony after done eating. Two student from lower forms and one student from upper forms won the prize.we departed at 1 p.m. It was an enjoyable and unforgettable trip.

           The society wanted to thanks to our advisors and the zoo workers for their support and guidance. The society would also like to express appreciation to all people that involved in this trip.

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The event kicked off at 8.00 a.m. All the students and many parents were already gathered around the field. The president of the Parent-Teacher Association officiated the opening ceremony. Then we had the march past. The school band led the march past. Members of the various school societies, uniformed bodies and clubs also took part. The students marched steadily past us in neat rows. They looked smart and patriotic.

After the march past, we had the raising of the flag by the head prefect, Azlan Hashim. The school band played the National Anthem as the flag was raised. Then, we sang several patriotic songs. Even the parents participated.

This was followed by some cultural shows performed on stage erected at one end of the field. There were traditional dances performed by the students. Their costumes were beautiful and the performances were excellent. The students had clearly put in a great of practice. Their efforts paid off well as all the dance steps were brilliantly executed.

The last event that morning was the rhythmic gymnastics performed by the Gymnasts Club. They were very talented and executed a skilful presentation with music, ribbons and hoops. It was very exciting to watch them bend their bodies so effortlessly. Dressed in colourful costumes, they also demonstrated a good sense of timing. The gymnasts managed to throw and catch their apparatus in time. It was an exciting floor show.

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