Organizational Culture Case Study 3m Headlight

Organizational culture: 3M had a corporate culture which focused on innovation. The values and norms shared by employees of 3M leveraged the company to gain an image of innovation which encouraged them to pursue the appropriate kinds or standards of behavior to achieve goals. 3M also build a culture of Organizational socialization process that helped their organizational members to internalize and learn the norms and values of 3M culture which is innovation. 3M corporate innovation culture:  The 15% option  Seed capital  Own or other business units  Corporate grants  Genesis grants- up to $100,000  Dual career path  Technical or managerial  Rewards and recognition programs  12 global programs  4 U.S programs Culture and Strategic Leadership: 3M’s first strategic leadership was provided by William McKnight. A key philosophy of McKnight ‘s was “divide and grow”. Another key player in the company’s history, Richard Drew, also joined 3M in 1921. Over the years, other scientists followed Drew’s footsteps at 3M, creating a wide range of innovative products by leveraging existing technology and applying it to new areas. Under McKnight’s leadership, the trio of

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