Titles For Essays About Society 6

1  |  What is metadata?

Metadata is data or information that describes other data (i.e. your artwork). Time spent providing quality metadata is as important, if not more, than getting the artwork uploaded all together. This is the part of the process that allows people to actually find your artwork.

Metadata for your artwork:

PRO TIP: Your Display Name and About page are also examples of metadata you have control over. Make sure to fill those out for the best chance to be found in search.

2  |  The best metadata is relevant metadata

Search engines use a process called “indexing” to record the information you’ve appended to your artwork via title, tags and description. Because an image (i.e. your artwork) isn’t “descriptive” of itself, sites like Society6, Google and other search engines rely on you to provide that info. When a customer searches for something similar to your artwork on any search engine, they’re actually searching the metadata you provided. So, if you don’t provide relevant metadata, it’s highly unlikely you’ll show up in search results anywhere.

3  |  This is what matters when adding Titles, Tags and Descriptions

First, think like your customers. When looking at your artwork, what would they be searching for. Titles, Tags and Descriptions are all considered simultaneously when a customer enters a search term or phrase. Adding relevant metadata in each of these sections increases your chance to show up in front of customers.  Further, on Society6 specifically, we consider sales and promotions when serving up search results as well. Knowing all that, let’s use this photo I took in Big Sur (below) as an example.

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