Bus 640 Week 4 Assignment

Bus 335 Wk 4 Assignment 1 - Staffing Plan for a Growing Business

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BUS 335 WK 4 Assignment 1 - Staffing Plan for a Growing Business

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Please choose from one (1) of the scenarios below. Note: The scenario that you choose in this assignment will be the one (1) with which you continue for Assignment 2.

Scenario 1
You are a Human Resources Manager of an expanding technology company consisting of 170 employees that develops and distributes small electronic devices. Over the past two (2) years, a research group formed, designed, and built prototypes of small remote surveillance cameras used for security.
Recently, your company won a contract to build and…show more content…

You have decided that this is a good opportunity to expand your day care business as you have received many inquiries for childcare. In order to comply with your home state regulations, you will require a larger facility and will need to hire additional staff in order to sustain the larger demand for day care. This staff will consist of five (5) Certified Day Care Professionals, one (1) Registered Nurse Professional, five (5) After-School Assistants and one (1) Office Support Paraprofessional. You have secured approval for a bank loan and qualify for future loans for future expansion if your current endeavor is successful. Meanwhile, the state in which you operate has requested that you provide a staffing plan before it will issue licensure for your expanded capacity.
Note: You may create and / or make all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of these assignments.

Select one (1) of the scenarios and write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:

1. Identify two (2) types of staffing models that could apply to your chosen scenario and determine which model would be best suited for efficiency, productivity, and possible future growth. Examine the significant effect of each identified staffing model on processes that may be occurring within the organization (e.g., outsourcing, contingent workers, consulting firms, etc.)

BUS 335 WK 4 Assignment 1 -

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MARKET STRUCTURES 3 P = 200 – Q/25 P= 200 – (1500/25) P = 200 – 60 P = 140 Profit maximizing price is $140 at an output level of 1,500 units. These rates are the point in which Robert’s New Way Vacuum Cleaner can expect to see their demand curve start its downward slope as the firm lowers their product-selling price. Then, plot the MC (marginal cost), D (demand), and MR (marginal revenue) curves graphically and illustrate the equilibrium point. Price 200 D = 200 – 0.04Q MC = 20 + 0.04Q $140 MR = 200 – 0.08Q 20 1500 2500 5000 Quantity b. How much economic profit do you expect that Robert’s company will make in the first year? Economic Profit = TR – TC TR = 200Q – 0.04Q^2 TR=200(1500) -0.04(1500^2) TR= 300,000 – 90,000 TR= 300,000 – 90,000 = 210,000 TR= $210,000 TC = 1500 + 20Q + 0.02Q^2 TC= 1500 + 20(1500) + 0.02(1500^2) TC= 1500 + 30000 + 45,000 TC= 1500 + 30000 + 45,000 = 76500 TC = $76,500 Profit = TR – TC Profit = 210,000 – 76,500 Profit = $133,500

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