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Cosmetology is working with skin, hair and nails. Which includes things like hair styling, cutting, coloring, shampooing, manicures, waxing, facials, etc. "More than a half a million people work as cosmetologists." (Careers For Woman Without College Degrees 254) It is a great profession for people who would like to have a career in the beauty industry. It's a great career for a mother in a two income family or if you're just living on your own. This career is not only for woman, it is also great for men.
The pay is not that bad, but usually wouldn't workout for a single mother with more than one kid, unless she owned her own business. A beginner will make between $12,000 and $13,000 a year. After you are more experienced you could make between $18,000 to $24,000 a year.
There are not any benefits that are definate. When you find a salon to work at, you discuss benefits with the person who hires you, but if you own your own
salon, you have no benifits, but you can decide your own vacations.
As a cosmetologist you usually would work a full work day. Most people work 44 hours a week, but some work 48 hours or more.
There are many ways to get schooling to be a cosmetologist. You could go to either a public or private vocational school, which some high schools offer. You could also go to a beauty school. You must be 16 or older to go to a beauty school. In your classes your training courses may include lectures, demonstrations and practice. Students usually practice with mannequins. After schooling, you must take a state licensing exam consisting of written and practical parts. You renew that license every two years by taking the test again each time.
You get a lot of experience in the vocational school, but some shops still require some experience in a salon, but some will start beginners. Usually when they start beginners, they will start them with just shampooing, after a while you can do everything.
There is not many drawbacks in this profession, but there are a few. One risk is that with each customer you take a risk, if you mess up, people could end up losing there hair. Also you must do a lot of cleaning and sterilization. Many cosmetologist end up
with arthritis, so you also have a chance of getting that, because you are always using your hands.
If you like to socialize with people, you will like this job. If you have a great personality, it is definitely a plus. The customer likes a friendly yet professional person with a lot of good advice and a good attitude. You should also feel good about yourself after a major accomplishment.
It seems really easy, but it's not. There is a lot you need to remember. You should also stay educated with the new styles in hair and beauty. Also "you should always be tactful, courteous and in control of your emotions." (Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance 217).


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Even if red lipstick remains a classic that is immune to the vagaries of fashion, the rouge à lèvres your mother was using 20 years ago has very little in common with the tube in the modern makeup bag. I'm not talking about the dozens of shades on offer, or about the various "wet look effects" you can create with lip gloss--not even about how long the colour and shine will actually stay on your lips. Nowadays, it seems, lipstick is about much more than fashion. It has become an essential care item that may moisturise, repair, or even plump up your lips. ...

And that's just lipstick! The cream you slap on your face every morning now serves more than mere moisturising duty. It may also claim to nourish, firm, and energise your skin; protect it against harmful UV rays or pollution; or reduce the appearance of wrinkles--the options are simply endless. Even products as innocent as shampoo may be designed to highlight your hair, give it some shine and body, repair it, or reduce split ends.

How much of all this is actually true and how much of it is marketing hype? Does it really work?

Undeniably, beauty products come with an element of fantasy and are bought primarily for glamour. Still, with their unlimited cosmetics budgets, models and actors do tend to have a healthy glow that may be due to more than simply a blessing from Mother Nature.

Plus, it is all "scientifically proven," isn't it? Although scientists may be encouraged to drop the jargon, the marketers are certainly keen to use it in their communications. Open any women's magazine and you'll be confronted with terms such as "Cell renewal," "vitamins and minerals," "amino acids," or "microbeads" in every glossy ad. Not to mention the convoluted names of active ingredients and the statistics describing how many women saw a significant difference in their appearance after how many weeks.

Sure enough, the marketing types make reference to science to add some credibility to the products. But there is also some very serious scientific research being done behind the marketing façade. To take just one example, L'Oréal alone has labs staffed with 2500 researchers and a team of dermatologists around the world, and the company registered 420 patents for innovative ingredients in 2001 alone.

L'Oréal is not alone; the cosmetics industry is simply huge. And unlike many other sectors, it seems immune to economic fluctuations. Presumably it takes a lot for a woman to give up on her beauty essentials, and, what's more, increasing numbers of men are buying into the trend.

So who are the scientists behind our beauty products and how did they come to be working in the cosmetics arena? This month Next Wave reaches beyond the fantasy to talk real science with experts in cosmetics. What are their jobs like, and what is it like to work in this industry? How are they perceived by researchers in other fields? Do they feel that animal testing is justified when it comes to beauty products? What kinds of opportunities does the cosmetics industry hold for scientists and what sorts of qualifications will make prospective applicants stand out? Finally, what are the relative proportions of hard facts and hype in all those sleek designer bottles?

Get a Feel for the Cosmetics Industry

Creating the Next Consumer Craze: What makes research in the cosmetics industry unique? Check out this comprehensive overview of the similarities and differences with other R&D fields and gain valuable insight into recruitment practices. It's all part of Next Wave's Industry Insider feature.

Meet Some Cosmetics Scientists

Stefan Gallinat describes how NIVEA, the maker of creams and lotions for women and men, combines interdisciplinary science with a focus on the consumer in the field of skin physiology.

Not Just a Pretty Face: Our essayist goes beyond the glitz and glamour of the U.S. cosmetics industry to ask cosmetics scientists what it's like to work in this sector.

Scar Wars: Are you of the opinion that cosmetics research has little to do with mainstream science and is of little value to humankind? You might change your mind after reading about the skin research carried out by Dr Anie Philip at McGill University.

A Rejuvenating Career: As a senior scientist using cosmetics science to develop topical skin care products, Monica Dias is doing exactly what she always wanted to.

Skin Science: Skin research is not only drawing the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries together, it is also a very exciting area for collaboration between scientists from different disciplines, as Kate Ravilious points out in an article reposted from The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council magazine, Spotlight.

Training Programmes

Cosmetics Curricula: Students on several U.S. campuses are deepening their skills in the sciences of superficiality.

And Now for Something Slightly Different ...

Creative Pursuit: Being trained as a scientist and working for the cosmetics industry doesn't mean you have to be sitting behind a bench. Hana Zalzal's creative talent led her right into the heart of the glamour.

Find out More

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