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BBVA Compass Banking 5.1.5
The completely new Version 4.0 of BBVA CompassMobile Banking has a fresh new look, intuitive interface, andsports some of the most powerful banking features in a mobile app.With a ground-up development, we revisited nearly every idea tomake this your favorite mobile banking app.You can conveniently access all of the different services from asingle main menu, or for even faster navigation, you can use thesmart “I want to…” menu, wherever you are in the app, to quicklyexecute the most frequent transactions.Also new is the “Easy Payments and Transfers” section, which takesthe complexity out of all money-movement transactions. You don’tneed to worry about bank jargon. Want to pay your credit card, sendmoney to your family, or transfer money to or from another bank?Just select from which account, and to which account, the amountand when you want it done. I couldn’t be simpler than this!One of the most feature-rich Mobile Banking apps anywhere, thisfully bilingual app (English/Spanish) provides you a fast, easy andattractive way to manage your BBVA Compass accounts, allowing youto deposit checks with Mobile Deposit® for Consumer and SmallBusiness accounts with automatic picture snapping*; send TransfersFrom and To Other Banks, Wire Transfers and International MoneyRemittances; set over 20+ Alerts (via SMS** or eMail) for youraccounts; pay your Credit Card, Line of Credit, Loan or Mortgage;send money to your family and friends via email or text messagewith Popmoney; Manage and send Bill Payments, add payees by simplytaking a picture of a bill, or by entering the company name;display your accounts balances, view posted and pendingtransactions, transfer funds between accounts, see images of yourcleared checks and transaction receipts, and find local branches.Video demos in the Assistance Center section, or within the “I WantTo…” menu of each section makes learning some features easier thanever, and the Rewards section rewards you for using your BBVACompass debit card.Existing Mobile Banking or Online Banking users just need todownload the app, sign-in with their existing username andpassword, and start using the app!It couldn’t be easier or more convenient.Existing bank customers without a username or password can enrollfor Mobile Banking directly from the app by using their valid BBVACompass Check Card and PIN number.For more information, go to: you need further help, call us at 1-800-273-1057* Mobile Deposit is subject to eligibility. See Terms of Use fordetails and limitations, including information on fundsavailability. Mobile Deposit is a registered trademark of MitekSystems, Inc.**Message and data rates may apply. Please check with your wirelesscarrier about such fees.--------------------At BBVA Compass, we’ve taken great steps to ensure thattransmissions to or from BBVA Compass are secure. Total security,however, is a joint effort that includes BBVA Compass, yourWireless Carrier or Internet Service Provider, and you.Copyright 2015 BBVA Compass Bancshares, Inc. Compass Bank is aMember FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender.BBVA Compass is a trade name of Compass Bank, a member of the BBVAGroup.
BBVA Provinet Móvil
Ahora disfruta de Provinet Móvil en tuAndroid.Realiza las operaciones bancarias más importantes desde tu móvil.• Consulta la información de tus productos contratados con elBBVA Provincial.• Visualiza el detalle de tus movimientos.• Realiza Transferencias y pagos de tarjetas• Realiza pagos de servicios• Localiza los cajeros, oficinas y Zonas Express de BBVAProvincial, con la ruta más rápida desde tu posición.• Próximamente muchas operaciones más.Aunque no seas cliente de BBVA con esta aplicación podráslocalizar los cajeros y sucursales de BBVA Provincial.Requisitos:• Compatible con Android. Requiere Android 4.0 o posterior.• Para las versiones menores a Android 4.0 se instalará accesodirecto a la versión Browsing de BBVA Provinet Móvil.• Conexión a Internet.Now enjoy Provinet Mobileon your Android.Make the most important banking from your mobile.• See information about your products contracted with BBVAProvincial.• View details of your movements.• Make transfers and card payments• Make payments service• Locate ATMs, offices and areas Express BBVA Provincial, with thefastest route from your position.• Coming soon many more operations.If you're not a customer of BBVA with this application you canlocate ATMs and branches of BBVA Provincial.requirements:• Compatible with Android. Requires Android 4.0 or later.• For minor versions Android 4.0 direct access to BBVA ProvinetBrowsing Mobile version will be installed.• Internet connection.
BBVA Continental | Banca Móvil 2.8.0
Con BBVA Continental | Banca Móvil realiza tusoperaciones con total comodidad y seguridad desde donde teencuentres.Con esta aplicación podrás:− Realizar consultas de tus cuentas y tarjetas de crédito yvisualizarlos gráficamente.− Realizar transferencias entre tus cuentas, con terceros y a otrosbancos.− Pagar tus tarjetas del BBVA Continental y de otros bancos.− Pagar servicios públicos como agua, luz, gas, teléfono fijo,móvil, cable (Sedapal, Luz del Sur, Edelnor, Movistar, Claro,Repsol, DIRECTV).− Pagar instituciones y empresas (colegios, universidades, segurosy otros)− Pagar compras de internet con SafetyPay.− Desembolsar tu Préstamo al Toque Aprobado.− Incrementar la línea de tu tarjeta de Crédito.− Localizar nuestros puntos de atención más cercanos desde donde teencuentres.− Enviar dinero a través de Efectivo Móvil para el cobro encualquier cajero o agente.− Guardar y ejecutar tus operaciones frecuentes.− Con la opción “Recordar Tarjeta” el acceso es más fácil yrápido.− Escuchar la Radio BBVA en línea.*Requisitos:− Estar afiliado a Banca por Internet del BBVA Continental.− Afiliar tu número de celular a “Clave SMS”, dispositivo deseguridad que te permitirá realizar operaciones con terceros. Laafiliación se realiza en cualquiera de nuestros cajerosautomáticos.− Contar con un plan de datos o acceso a WiFi.− Dispositivos Android con versión desde S.O.2.0 o superior.¡Descárgala ya!BBVA Continental | MobileBanking makes your operations with total comfort and security fromwherever you are. With this application you can:- Querying of your accounts and credit cards and display themgraphically.- Make transfers between your accounts with third parties and toother banks.- Pay your cards Continental BBVA and other banks.- Pay utilities like water, electricity, gas, telephone, mobilephone, cable (Sedapal, Luz del Sur, Edelnor, Movistar, Claro,Repsol, DIRECTV).- Paying institutions and companies (schools, universities,insurance and others)- Paying internet shopping SafetyPay.- Disbursing your Loan Approved to Touch.- Increase the line of your credit card.- Locate our closest attention points from where you are.- Money through Mobile Cash for collection at any ATM oragent.- Save and run your frequent operations.- With the "Remember Card" access it is easier and faster.- Listen online Radio BBVA.* Requirements:- Being affiliated to Internet Banking BBVA Continental.- Affiliate your phone number to "SMS Key" safety device thatallows you to make transactions with third parties. Membership ismade in any of our ATMs.- Having a data plan or WiFi access.- Devices with Android version from S.O.2.0 or higher.Download it now!
BBVA | Spain
BBVA app. Download it and conveniently andeasily do your everyday banking from your mobile. Get a totally newnavigation experience with renewed capabilities and a moreintuitive, fresh and innovative design. And all this for FREE.Learn all about it here:1. Enhanced navigation- New main navigation bar. Check the main areas at a glance: globalposition, product catalogue, your everyday transactions, yourinbox, access to your adviser’s details, etc. Can you see it? It’sat the bottom of the screen.- Quick checking and transactions. Place your finger on yourproducts and slide it to the right to view their details or to theleft to perform transactions.- Carousel of products in the same family. Navigate intuitively andmove from one product to another faster.- New transactions bar. Go straight to the most frequent actionsand the other available transactions. Find it on each productfactsheet!- Access all operations from the side menu. Find it in the mainmenu.2. The right decisions- Bconomy de BBVA. Get the financial information you need to helpyou always choose the best option. Because the more you know, thebetter you can decide.- BBVA Valora. If you’re going to buy, sell or rent a flat, it hasthe information you need to make the right choice. It then helpsyou manage your home conveniently from a single place.3. Contracts from your mobile- BBVA Online Account. Become a customer instantly wherever youare. All you need is a free video call, your DNI/NIE and a selfie.No paperwork or couriers; it’s that easy. And you’ll get an accountwith no administration or maintenance charges and a free debitcard.- Remote signing. Sign your contracts from your mobile legally andsecurely. And keep a copy of everything you sign without having togo to your branch.4. More convenient everyday banking- Money from mobile to mobile with Bizum.- Turn your cards off and on.- Bring your bills.- Pay your non-direct debit bills.- Foreign currency.- Manage your securities portfolio.- And always have everything to hand! Install our app forSmartWatch and have your information closer to hand thanever!5. Get in touch with us whenever and wherever you want- BBVA Contigo Adviser. A financial expert and their team always onhand to answer your questions and give you solutions.- Appointment with your Adviser. Choose when you’d like to meetyour BBVA Adviser. Pick the date and time and forget aboutwaiting!- Cashier appointment. Choose the nearest branch and the time thatsuits you best and book it. No queues, no waiting.Required permissions:• Check your contacts: select contacts from your address book totop up mobiles, send mobile cash, send notifications of transfersmade, Bizum, etc.• Location: look for the nearest points in the ATM and branchfinder.• Receive texts: automatically capture text codes when signingtransactions (option configurable in “Settings/Automatic TextCode”).• Make phone calls: contact the BBVA Helpline or your remoteadviser, report insurance claims, etc.• Multimedia files: store documents in the device’s memory such asbills, transaction documents, etc.• Take photographs: scan bar codes to pay non-direct debitbills.• Other permissions requested mean you can check the status of theinternet connection and use it to exchange data with BBVA, useGoogle Maps, etc.Got a question or a suggestion? Send your comments tobbvabancamovil@bbva.comIf your terminal is not compatible, remember that you can use theBBVA Mobile Banking online service on your browser.
BBVA Tablet | Spain 4.5
BBVA Spain is the application for operatingwith your BBVA products from your tablet:• Check information about your products and view yourtransactions.• Use your accounts and cards.• Make contributions to investment funds and pension plans.• Top up your cell phone balance.• Send money with the Mobile Cash service.• Contact your BBVA adviser.Requirements• iPad with iOS 7.0 or later / Android 4.0 or later• Internet connection.Permissions required:• Check the state of the internet connection and use it for theexchange of data with BBVA.Do you have any problems or suggestions? Send us your comments tobbvabancamovil@bbva.comIf your device is not compatible remember that you also have accessthrough the BBVA Mobile Banking Website service in your web browser.
BBVA | Colombia
Con BBVA móvil, la aplicación de BBVAColombia, puedes realizar todas tus operaciones bancarias mucho másfácil, con total comodidad, seguridad y sin necesidad de ir a laoficina.Recuerda que con BBVA móvil puedes:• Ingresar con una contraseña única y maximizar la seguridadgracias a la identificación biométrica que te permite acceder contu huella dactilar *.• Consultar saldos y movimientos de tus cuentas corrientes y deahorro, tarjetas de crédito, préstamos, CDTs y fondos deinversión.• Realizar transferencias entre cuentas propias y a cuentas deotras personas aunque no estén en BBVA.• Realizar tus transferencias cuando las necesites. Inscribe tuscuentas en la aplicación y realiza inmediatamente tutransferencia.• Retirar tu dinero y realizar avances desde Tarjeta de Crédito enCajeros BBVA sin necesidad de llevar contigo tú Tarjeta.• Realizar avances desde Tarjeta de Crédito con abono inmediato atu Cuenta de Ahorros o Cuenta Corriente.• Pagar servicios escaneando el código de barras de tu factura yrecargar tu celular.• Pagar tarjetas de crédito BBVA y de otros bancos.•Generar un código único y dinámico desde la opción ‘Token’ paraconfirmar operaciones en BBVA móvil y BBVA net. La opción mássegura para aprobar algunas de tus operaciones.• ¿Te gusta estar informado sobre los movimientos de tus cuentas?accede al servicio de Alertas de BBVA móvil y lleva el control detus finanzas por medio de notificaciones, también te informaremossobre los puntos acumulados con cada compra realizada.Los requisitos son mínimos:• Si aún no eres cliente BBVA, ¡no te preocupes! puedes descargarnuestra app y abrir Dinero móvil ingresando la informaciónsolicitada.• Si eres cliente BBVA, debes tener actualizado tu número celularen el servicio de alertas y mensajería. Puedes hacerlo acercándotea una oficina BBVA.• Debes tener disponibles los datos de tus tarjetas Débito oCrédito al momento de crear tu contraseña para firmaroperaciones.• Contar con un plan de datos o acceso a Wi-Fi para realizar ladescarga de la aplicación.¿Qué esperas para descargarla? Ahorra tiempo y realiza todas tusoperaciones de la forma más fácil y segura.* Esta opción se encuentra disponible para versiones Android 6 osuperiores y para dispositivos que no hayan sufrido modificacioneso rooting con relación a su versión original entregada por elfabricante.With mobile BBVA, BBVAColombia's application, you can make all your banking much easierwith comfort, safety without going to the office.Remember that mobile BBVA can:• Login with a unique password and maximize security with biometricidentification that allows you to access your fingerprint *.• Check balances and movements of your current and savingsaccounts, credit cards, loans, time deposits and mutualfunds.• Make transfers between own accounts and other accounts but not inBBVA.• Make your transfers when you need them. Inscribe your accounts inthe application and book your transfer immediately.• Remove your money and make advances from credit card at BBVA ATMswithout carry your card.• Make advances from credit card immediately credited to yoursavings account or checking account.• Pay services by scanning the barcode of your bill and rechargeyour cell phone.• Pay credit cards BBVA and other banks.• Generate a unique and dynamic code from the 'Token' option toconfirm mobile operations and BBVA BBVA net. The safest option toapprove some of your operations.• Do you like to be informed about the movements of your accounts?access the Mobile Alerts service and BBVA keeps track of yourfinances through notifications, also we will inform you about theaccumulated points with every purchase.The requirements are minimal:• If you are not yet BBVA customer, do not worry! You can downloadour app and open mobile money entering the requestedinformation.• If you are a client BBVA, you must have updated their phonenumber in the email and messaging service. You can do this byapproaching a BBVA office.• You must have your data available Debit or Credit Card whencreating your password to sign operations.• Having a data plan or access to Wi-Fi for downloading theapplication.What are you waiting to download it? Save time and make all youroperations more easily and safely.* This option is available for 6 or higher Android versions anddevices that have not been modified or rooting relative to theoriginal version supplied by the manufacturer.
BBVA Wallet Spain. Mobile Payment
Download BBVA Wallet free of charge and startpaying with your cell phone. With BBVA Wallet you can pay for allyour purchases with your cell phone and carry out your everydayoperations while enjoying the convenience of NFC payment. Using thesame username and password that you have for, you willstart to enjoy the benefits we offer you:• Manage your cards, quickly and convenientlyWith BBVA Wallet ES - Mobile Payment, at any time or place fromyour cell phone, you can manage how your cards work, stayup-to-date with your purchase transactions, cancel your cards, turnthem off, turn them on or request a copy. You will be able todecide if you want to use them to pay online or in-store throughNFC payment.• Decide whether to turn your cards on or offYou can decide if you want to be able to use your cards to pay forpurchases online or by the traditional means. If you activate it,you can decide if you want it to work only in stores in Spainand/or stores abroad.• The most convenient, quick and simple access for making a paymentwith your cell phone (also known as NFC payment).To make the payment with your cell phone, you will need to enteryour PIN. You will then receive an instant notification regardingthe transaction you have made with the details of the purchase. Youwill be able to use BBVA Wallet with your credit or debit cards oryour BBVA account and pay with your cell phone easily and securely,always keeping track of your purchases.Offers and Points•Enjoy and save with promotions, offers, personalized products,discounts and points instantly at your favorite establishments andon your favorite brands.• Financing of purchases made with your credit card in just twosteps. You will be able to finance them instantly from your cellphone.• You will be able to pay just using your cell phone at any storethat accepts contactless payments. If your smartphone does notpermit NFC payments or does not have Android 4.4 or later, you canuse the BBVA Wallet ES - Mobile Payment sticker.• New secure electronic payment function. Every time you use yourBBVA cards online, you will be able to use BBVA Wallet to confirmthe transaction.BBVA Wallet. What are you waiting for? Turn your smartphone intoyour new mobile wallet.
BBVA Francés | Banca Móvil AR 1.13.1
Acceso a la banca móvil de BBVA Francés."BBVA Francés" es la nueva aplicación nativa para operar con susproductos BBVA Francés desde Android.• Consulte la información de cuentas, tarjetas, valores y el restode sus productos de forma fácil.• Visualice sus movimientos y opere con sus cuentas ytarjetas.• Realice Transferencias de efectivo.• Recupere su Usuario y Clave Digital.• Pagué sus facturas.• Localice cajeros y sucursales.• Acceda fácilmente a Línea Francés.Access to mobile bankingBBVA French."French BBVA" is the new native application to operate its productsBBVA French from Android.   • See the information accounts, cards, securitiesand other products easily.   • Visualize your movements and operate with youraccounts and cards.   • Perform cash transfers.   • Retrieve your username and Clave Digital.   • I paid their bills.   • Locate ATMs and branches.   • Easily access Line French.
BBVA net cash
BBVA net cash is the new application BBVAoffers its customers of BBVA net cash.With this application you can:- Consult accounts, transactions and virtual statements- Consult and sign pending orders, and check order's status- Signing orders with in-app mobile token- Initiate domestic, international, bank of Spain and booktransfers- Confirming advanced payment- Manage and validate user operations- Manage "Mobile Token" security devices in-app (installation /generation of security codes).- Receive notifications on the phone with overdrafts, pendingorders, pending operations performed by a user, etc...- Branch Locator- Contact us section- Messaging- Notifications- Contact your manager- Forgot your password?The application is available in Spanish, Catalan, English,Portuguese, Italian and French.Permissions required:• View your contacts: select contacts from the agenda to carry outcell phone top ups, send cash through the Mobile Cash service, sendnotifications of transfers made, etc.• Location: search the nearest services in the ATM and branchlocator• Receive SMS: automatically capture the SMS codes during theauthorization of transactions (setting available in"Settings/automatic SMS code")• Make telephone calls: Get in touch with Contact BBVA or with yourremote bank adviser, notify the insurance company of incidents,etc.• Multimedia files: store documents in the device's memory such asbills, documents associated with transactions, etc.• Take photographs: scan bar codes to pay bills• Other permissions requested enable the status of your internetconnection to be checked and enable it to be used to exchange datawith BBVA, to use Google Maps services...
BBVA Wallet | Bancomer 10.60.170330
DescripciónAplicación que te permite hacer compras en internet de manerasegura sin exponer tu tarjeta de crédito o debito Bancomer¿Cómo funciona?Wallet te permite generar un número alterno a tu tarjeta de créditoo débito válido exclusivamente en compras por internet, mientas queel código de seguridad o cvv2 que ingresas en una compra esdiferente para cada operación.Tu contraseña de acceso es la misma que usas para BancomerMóvil.Además te permite:- Ver los movimientos de tus cuentas- Bloquear tus tarjetas en caso de robo o extravío- Activar una tarjeta nuevaAlgo que debes saber …- Los datos de tus operaciones se transmiten protegidos y no seguardan en tu celular- Si extravías tu celular nadie puede ingresar a tu servicio, puessólo tú conoces la contraseña de acceso y puedes cancelarlollamando a Línea BancomerTeléfonos de Línea Bancomer:Area Metropolitana: 5226-2663Interior de la República: 01-800-226-2663DescriptionApplication that allows you to shop securely online withoutexposing your credit card or debit BancomerHow does it work?Wallet allows you to create an alternate number to your credit cardor debit card valid only on online purchases, lie the CVV2 securitycode you enter into a purchase is different for eachoperation.Your password is the same as you use for Bancomer Mobile.It also lets you:- View the movements of your accounts- Lock your cards in case of theft or loss- Activate a new CardSomething you should know ...- The data of your transactions are transmitted protected and notsaved on your cell- If you misplace your phone no one can enter at your service,because only you know the password and you can cancel it by callingLínea BancomerBancomer line phones:Metropolitan Area: 5226-2663Interior of the Republic: 01-800-226-2663
BBVA Cerca de Ti 2.3
BBVA Cerca de Ti te permite localizar cajeros,sucursales y zonas express de la red BBVAProvincial, en cualquier momento, situación y lugar de formasencilla y rápida.Podrás ver los cajeros, sucursales y zonas express que hay a tualrededor o introducir la dirección de la zona de tu interés.Tendrás acceso a las vistas de mapa, listado y realidadaumentada, así como a la ruta e indicaciones a cualquier cajero,sucursal o zona express deBBVA Provincial.Podrás acceder directamente a Provinet Móvil o contactarse connuestra Línea de Soporte deBanca Electrónica BBVA Provincial.BBVA Near You lets youlocate ATMs, branches and areas of the BBVA Express networkProvincial, at any time, situation and place quickly and easily.You will see the ATM, branch and express areas is around you orenter the address of the area of ​​interest. You have access to mapviews, list and realityincreased, as well as the route and directions to any ATM, branchor area ExpressBBVA Provincial.You can directly access Provinet Mobile or contact our CustomerSupportElectronic Banking BBVA Provincial.
BBVA Link 2.3.0326
BBVA Link es una aplicación que te permitiráconectar tu dinero con tu vida de forma fácil, rápida ysegura.¿Estás organizando un viaje con tus amigos? ¿estáis comprando unregalo en grupo? ¿necesitas enviar dinero a alguno de tuscontactos? Con BBVA Link tendrás una app para Facebook y móvil conla que todo esto será más sencillo.- Envía y recibe dinero en 3 clicks- Solicita dinero a tus contactos de manera sencilla, podrásorganizar la compra de un regalo, un evento, etc.- Consulta y gestiona la actividad de tu cuenta- Contarás con altos estándares de seguridad proporcionados porBBVABBVA Link is anapplication that lets you connect with your life your money easily,quickly and safely. Are you planning a trip with your friends? Are you buying a groupgift? Do you need to send money to any of your contacts? With BBVALink have an app for Facebook and mobile with all this will beeasier. - Send and receive money in 3 clicks- Request money to your contacts easily, you can arrange thepurchase of a gift, an event, etc..- Online access to account activity- You shall count with high standards of security provided byBBVA
BBVA | Chile 1.24.0
Con BBVA Chile queremos hacerte la vida mássimple estés donde estés, podrás realizar consultas y operacionesde forma simple, rápida e intuitiva desde tu móvil.• Consultar información de Cuentas, Tarjetas, Créditos, Depósitos aplazo y Fondos Mutuos.• Pago de cuentas de servicio: Agua, luz, gas.• Realizar pagos, transferencias y avances en línea con tus cuentasy tarjetas.• Toma de créditos de consumo, depósitos a plazo, aumentos de cupode tarjeta de crédito y línea de crédito.• Recarga de celular.BBVA Chile we want tomake life simpler wherever you are, you can make consultations andoperations simple, fast and intuitive way on your phone.• Consult account information, cards, loans, deposits and mutualfunds.• Bill Payment Service: Water, electricity, gas.• Make payments, transfers and progress online with your accountsand cards.• Taking consumer loans, deposits, quota increases in credit cardand line of credit.• Recharge cell.
BBVA Bancomer Localizaciones 2.4
Localiza en el mapa los cajeros automáticos(ATMs) y sucursales cercanas de BBVA Bancomer. También puedesexplorar los cajeros y sucursales de otros lugares introduciendouna dirección.Y si giras tu teléfono podrás verlos en el modo de realidadaumentada.
B Trader 1.7.5
Aplicación que permite operar con la BolsaMexicana de Valores. Destaca la plataforma de información, queofrece un panorama general y detallado de los resultados de lasbolsas internacionales hasta los reportes de Research, así comoherramientas para la toma de decisiones.Para utilizarla, es necesario tener contratado el servicio y contar con el perfil de inversión adecuado.Para mayor información contacte a su banquero de BBVABancomer.Consulte condiciones y requisitos de contratación con subanquero.Producto exclusivo para clientes de ejecución de operaciones.BBVA Bancomer, S.A., Institución de Banca Múltiple, GrupoFinanciero BBVA BancomerCasa de Bolsa BBVA Bancomer, S.A. de C.V., Grupo Financiero BBVABancomerApplication that canoperate with the Mexican Stock Exchange. It stresses theinformation platform, which provides a comprehensive and detailedoverview of the results of the international stock markets toResearch reports and tools for decision-making.To use it, you must have hired service and have theright investment profile.For more information contact your banker BBVA Bancomer.See terms and conditions of engagement with your banker.Customers exclusive product for trade execution.BBVA Bancomer, SA, Multiple Banking Institution, Grupo FinancieroBBVA BancomerCasa de Bolsa BBVA Bancomer, SA de CV, Grupo Financiero BBVABancomer
BBVA Send 10.60.2
BBVA SEND es una forma segura y fácil deRECIBIR y ENVIAR DINERO a cualquier contacto de tu celular, sinnecesidad de números de cuenta. De manera GRATUITA y SINCOMISIONES.¿Cómo funciona?ENVIAR Y RECIBIR DINEROPara enviar dinero sólo es necesario tener una cuenta Bancomer yBMóvil activo. Los envíos tendrán un límite de $7.500 al día.Es tan sencillo como seleccionar el botón ENVIAR de la primerpantalla, ACEPTAR y ESCOGER el contacto de tu agenda al que quieresenviar el dinero.Para recibir dinero NO es necesario ser cliente Bancomer.SÓLO necesitas el número de celular de tu contacto, NO tienes quesaber su número de cuenta, ni de tarjeta o CLABEInterbancaria.RETIRAR DINERORecibirás un mensaje avisándote que te han enviado dinero y tendráshasta 7 días para retirarlo, tú eliges cómo:• DEPOSITAR el dinero en tu cuenta BBVA Bancomer o en una cuenta deOTRO banco.• RETIRARLO EN EFECTIVO en cualquier ATM BBVA Bancomer, sintarjeta.CONSULTAR MOVIMIENTOS• Podrás ver la lista de operaciones que has hecho por BBVASEND.• Se puede consultar el estatus de tu envío: Pagado, pendiente,cobrado, caducado o rechazado.• El dinero no saldrá de tu cuenta hasta que la otra persona locobre.¡DESCARGA BBVA SEND y recibe tu lana inmediatamente y de formasegura!SEND BBVA is a safe andeasy way to receive and send money to any contact in your cell,without account numbers. For free and without commissions.How does it work?SEND AND RECEIVE MONEYTo send money is only necessary to have a Bancomer and activeBMóvil account. Shipments will be limited to $ 7,500 a day.It is as simple as selecting the SEND button on the first screen,and choose the OK contact in your address book that you want tosend the money.To receive money need not be client Bancomer.You just need the phone number of your contact, you do not have toknow your account number or card or CLABE Interbancaria.WITHDRAWALSYou will receive a message letting you know that you have sentmoney and have up to 7 days to remove it, you choose how to:• deposit money in your account BBVA Bancomer or in an account ofanother bank.• WITHDRAW CASH at any ATM BBVA Bancomer, without card.CONSULT MOVEMENTS• You can see the list of operations that you have done for BBVASEND.• You can check the status of your shipment: Paid, pending, cashed,expired or rejected.• Money does not come out of your account until the other personcopper.BBVA DOWNLOAD SEND and receive your wool immediately andsafely!
FrancésGo - Beneficios, descuentos y experiencias 1.0.17
​​FrancésGo integra, en un solo lugar y de una manera simple yclara,todos las promociones, descuentos, beneficios, eventos y sorteosqueBBVA Francés tiene para ofrecerle a los clientes BBVA. Pero eso noestodo: si no sos cliente, también podes acceder a algunos delosbeneficios, como cupones de descuento o sorteos por entradasparaespectáculos. Y ahora, con la nueva sección "Mis Tarjetas"tambiénvas a poder administrar tus tarjetas BBVA sin tener que salir de laapp..Bajá la app, regístrate y empezá a enterarte detodos los beneficios. Todos los días te estaremos enviandonotificaciones a tu celular de las promos que tenemos en los rubrosquete interesan a vos. También podes seleccionar el área geográficadondevivís para recibir los alertas de esa zona nada más. Configurartuspreferencias es muy simple y podes cambiarlas cuando quieras desdeelmenú principal.En resumen, ¿por qué tenés que tener esta aplicación? Porque vas apoder:• Buscar y visualizar de una manera simple los descuentos de lastarjetas del banco• Identificar descuentos en base a la ubicación donde estéshaciendo la búsqueda• Descargar los cupones de descuento y usarlos con cualquier mediode pago, seas o no cliente BBVA• Compartir a través de las redes sociales los beneficios a amigosy familiares para que ellos también se enterenYa hay más de 250.000 personas que todos los meses disfrutan losbeneficios de FrancésGo. Y vos, ¿qué estás esperando?"FrancésGo integrates inone place and in a simple and clear way,All promotions, discounts, benefits, events and rafflesBBVA Francés has to offer BBVA customers. But that's notall: if you're not customer, also You can access some of thebenefits such as discount coupons or sweepstakes ticketsshows. And now, with the new section "My Card" alsoYou'll be able to manage your BBVA cards without having to leavethe app ..Lowers app, register and empezá to find outall benefits. Every day you will be sendingnotifications to your phone from the promos we have in theitemsyou are interested to you. Also you can simply select thegeographic area wherelive to receive alerts from that area any more. configureyourPreference is very simple and you can change them whenever you wantfrom themain menu.In short, why do you have to have this application? Because you'llbe able to:• Search and view a simple discount card bank• Identify discounts based on the location where you're doingsearch• Download discount coupons and use them with any means of payment,whether or not you client BBVA• Sharing via social networking benefits to family and friends sothat they become awareAlready more than 250,000 people each month enjoy the benefits ofFrancésGo. And you, what are you waiting for? "
BBVA Wallet | Chile 1.7.171229
Con BBVA Wallet, simplifica tus pagos, recibenotificaciones instantáneas de tus movimientos y controla tustransacciones de la forma más inteligente y segura.BBVA Wallet es una nueva aplicación que te permitirá consultar ygestionar todas tus Tarjetas BBVA desde tu celular. Para usarla,solo debes descargar la aplicación, solicitar tu Sticker WalletBBVA e ingresar con el mismo usuario y contraseña que utilizas la evolución de tus Tarjetas y sé el primero en llevar tubilletera en el celular.¡BBVA Wallet + control + seguridad + simple!BBVA Wallet simplifiesyour payments, receive instant notification of your movements andcontrol your transactions smarter and safely.BBVA Wallet is a new application that lets you view and manage allyour BBVA cards from your phone. To use it, you only need todownload the application, request your BBVA Sticker Wallet and login with the same username and password you use in the evolution of your cards and be the first to carry yourwallet in the cell.BBVA Wallet + control + security + simple!
BBVA Pocket 2.3
BBVA Pocket te permite localizar cajeros ysucursales de la red BBVA Uruguay, en cualquier momento, situacióny lugar de forma sencilla y rápida.Podrás ver los cajeros y sucursales que hay a tu alrededor ointroducir la dirección de la zona de tu interés. Tendrás acceso alas vistas de mapa, listado y realidad aumentada, así como a laruta e indicaciones a cualquier cajero y sucursal de BBVAUruguay.Además, podrás acceder directamente a la Web de BBVA Uruguay,contactarte con nuestra Línea BBVA, enviar tus comentarios ysugerencias, y recomendar la Aplicación a un amigo.BBVA Pocket allows you tolocate ATMs and branches of the BBVA Uruguay network at any time,place and situation quickly and easily.You will see ATMs and branches is around you or enter the addressof the area of ​​interest. You'll have access to map views, listand augmented reality, as well as to any ATM and branch of BBVAUruguay route and directions.Also, you can directly access the Web BBVA Uruguay, contact yourBBVA our line, send your comments and suggestions, and recommendthe application to a friend.
wibe 2.5.2
¡Contrata en línea! descubre lo fácil, rápidoy seguro que es.Todo lo que requieres de un seguro de auto lo encuentrasaquí.· Realiza simulaciones y cotiza las veces que quieras, crea unperfil y guarda tus cotizaciones.· Personaliza tu seguro de acuerdo a tus necesidades y agrégalecoberturas especiales como nuestro seguro de llantas o nuestracobertura opcional RC USA para viajes a Estados Unidos.· Quítate preocupaciones: localiza estacionamientos, gasolineras,talleres, auto lavados, refaccionarias, vulcanizadoras,verificentros y corralones.· Consulta el hoy no circula, verificación, infracciones ytenencia.Y si ya eres cliente:· Reporta un siniestro sin tener que llamar por teléfono.· ¿No sabes en que calle estás? Llegamos al lugar del siniestro conla ubicación desde tu smartphone.· ¡Los contratiempos pasan! solicita asistencia a nivel nacional(ponchadura de llantas, gasolina, batería, auxilio vial ilimitado,etc.)· ¡No te preocupes! Solicita ambulancia en caso de heridos.· Cambia forma de pago con pocos clicks, ¡Aceptamos BBVAWallet!· Obtén recibos fiscales.· Solicita información de tu seguro (Condiciones Generales, póliza,etc.)Descubre porqué Wibe es la mejor opción para asegurar tu auto,fácil, rápido y en todo momento desde cualquier lugar.Hire online! discover howeasy, fast and safe it is.All that you require auto insurance find it here.· Make simulations and trades whenever you want, create a profileand save your quotes.· Customize your insurance according to your needs and add specialcoverage as our insurance coverage tires or our optional RC USA fortravel to the United States.· Take off your worries: located parking lots, gas stations, shops,car washes, auto parts stores, vulcanizing, verificentros andcorrals.· Consultation today does not circulate, verification, andpossession offenses.And if you are already a customer:· Report an incident without having to call.· You Do not know what street are you? We arrived at the scene withthe location from your smartphone.· Setbacks happen! requesting assistance (puncture tires, gasoline,battery, unlimited roadside assistance, etc.) nationwide· Do not worry! Apply ambulance in case of injuries.· Change payment with a few clicks, We accept BBVA Wallet!· Get ​​tax receipts.· Ask your insurance information (General Conditions, policy,etc.)Discover why Wibe is the best option to ensure your car, easy,fast, anytime from anywhere.
BBVA net cash | Chile 1.5.0
Viva una nueva experiencia en aplicacionesmóviles bancarias para empresas, la cual considera nuevasfuncionalidades que harán que la gestión de su empresa esté alalcance de su mano.Con BBVA net cash podrá:- Consultar el saldo expreso de sus cuentas corrientesasociadas.- Acceder a los últimos movimientos de sus cartolas.- Realizar transferencias de fondos entre sus cuentas y aterceros.- Recibir notificaciones de avisos, promociones y seguimiento desus operaciones.- Autorizar y firmar operaciones.Live a new experience inmobile applications for banking companies, which considers newfeatures that make managing your company is at your fingertips. BBVA net cash may:- Consult express its associated balance of current accounts.- Access latest movements of their monthly statements.- Transfer funds between your accounts and to third parties.- Receive notifications of ads, promotions and trackingoperations.- Authorize and sign operations.

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