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Sehar Sabir

July 2, 2015adminSpecial Assignment Editors

Sehar Sabir is a PhD Scholar in the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Jilin University People’s Republic of China, with major in International Relations. She has MA with degree in the same major from the Department of International Relations,  Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Her research Interests include Environment, Human Rights, Governance, Humanitarian Intervention, and Middle Eastern Conflicts. In Pakistan she has been involved in Democracy and Governance related projects in collaboration with FAFEN (Free and Fair Election Network), TAF (The Asia Foundation) and DFID (Department For International Development) in Social Sector. She has authored research papers on Environment, Human Rights and Humanitarian Intervention in Iraq. Sehar Sabir is Special Assignment Editor in China.

Ayshan Guliyeva

September 4, 2013adminSpecial Assignment Editors

Ayshan Guliyeva has completed a distance course on ““Critical thinking in Global Challenges” form University of Edinburgh(Germany). She has a Bachelor degree in Public Administration from The Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (APA), Baku, Azerbaijan with specialization in Political Science. Her thesis was on “Regulation technologies of political conflicts” and currently she is working on to publish this research work next year.

Ms.Ayshan has remained head of the Student Research Center at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 4 years. She was research assistant to one of the Senior International Relations and International Terrorism Expert at the Institute of Geostrategic Studies at the Academy of Public Administration. Ms. Ayshan has recently been accepted to the University of Hamburg and going to continue her masters there next year.

Moreover, she is a junior research fellow at the Caucasus Resource and Research Center, which has three branches in three south Caucasus countries, namely Azerbaijan, Armenia & Georgia. The center is situated in Khazar University, Baku.

Ms. Ayshan Guliyeva represents The Diplomatic Insight in Azerbaijan.

Mr. Sunil KC

April 29, 2013adminSpecial Assignment Editors

Mr. Sunil KC is a Nepali young social activist, lyricist and a media figure who practices empowerment through youth advocacy. He founded a Greenary Youth Club in his native village Kachili (Dang district) and did various social works and served as a President over five years. In 2009, he founded the Youth Foundation Nepal Organization (YFN) aiming to establish Sustainability Peace and Development in Nepal by connecting together young leaders all around the globe. He is currently President at the Youth Foundation Nepal(YFN).

He is also associated with the International Youth Congress (USA), Peace Alliance (USA), Inter Nation (Worldwide) and Youth Millennium Development Ambassador(YMDA)

After directing radio series about educational issues in Nepal, he is now a producer and director of the social documentary “Ready, Willing and Able” which is going to be released worldwide by September 2013.

Sunil KC is now carrying his own research so as to establish the first International Affairs College of Nepal. The College is called “The School For Globe” and is monitored with the help and support of Sunil’s International Academic Network. The project will be launched in 2018.

Mr.Sunil KC is Special Assignment Editor for The Diplomatic Insight in Nepal.

Bakhtawar Malik Waqar

May 7, 2012adminSpecial Assignment Editors

Ms Bakhtawar Malik Waqar is a dynamic and enthusistic BA/BBA student at Institut Supérieur de Gestion (Paris). Although her family originates from Pakistan, she was born and raised in France. While trying to maintain a balance between the two cultures, she has been able to develop a number of skills she feels will aid in her professional life. Ms. Malik is trilingual in French, Urdu and English and has great command of the Spanish language; complimentary to her multilingualism, she understands Punjabi. She has been an active participant in many volunteering and fund raising efforts. Her classes in international relations have provided her with an insight in world affairs giving her the motivation to pursue a career in that field. She has also published an article about the “Education System in Pakistan” which reinforced her desire to work in Pakistan and is earnest to find the point where her interest and abilities overlap.

Bakhtawar Malik Waqar represents The Diplomatic Insight in France

Samaira Khan

April 23, 2012adminSpecial Assignment Editors

Samaira Khan is a postgraduate student at South Asia Institute – University of Heidelberg in Germany, majoring in South Asian Studies – Political Science, History and Visual & Media Anthropology. She is also working as Research Assistant at South Asia Institute – Department of political science, assisting in research on Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.

She holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations & History from University of Leicester (UK) and a diploma in Strategic Management from Copenhagen Business School (Denmark). She was awarded “Leicester Employability Award” & “Tomorrow’s Manager’s Award” by Institute of Leadership & Management (UK) for her leadership and management skills. She also possess an extensive travel and international work experience and also studied abroad in Scotland, England, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Pakistan and Thailand, and holds a scholarship for an exchange to University of Delhi (India) in 2012.

Miss Khan is extensively involved in community projects in Denmark to reinvent the identity and representation of Pakistanis living in Denmark. She is founder and president of DPVS – Danish Pakistani Volunteering Society, and Founder and Team Leader of Niels Brock Welfare Society (2005 – 2007). In 2005 and 2006, she coordinated two international relief and development projects in Kashmir (Pakistan) during the earthquake with a follow up documentary on Kashmir, and in Beirut, Lebanon during Lebanon-Israel conflict to support CCCL (Children Cancer Centre Lebanon).

She has previously worked for UNICEF Denmark in Marketing and Fund Raising department, and Islamic Relief WorldWide UK in Policy and Research Unit. She is also involved in collaborative projects with Embassy of Pakistan in Copenhagen, and offer expertise in assisting on disaster relief projects.

Besides her academic and professional commitments, Miss Khan practices combat sports and is a Bikram Yoga enthusiast. She is also a linguist and has a command in English, Danish, French, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Potohari, and literate in Arabic and Farsi scripts and elementary German.
Ms.Khan represents The Diplomatic Insight in Denmark

Malik Hammad Ahmad

February 1, 2012adminSpecial Assignment Editors

Malik Hammad Ahmad is a PhD candidate of Leverhulme Trust in the department of History at the University of Warwick, England, writing on “Civil Resistance Movements of Pakistan 1977-88”. He holds the degrees of MSc History from Quaid-i-Azam University and an International MA Peace, Conflict and Development from University of Jaume-I, Spain and European Peace University, Austria. His MA dissertation was on Nonviolent Movement of Pakistan: A Case Study of Lawyer’s Movement 2007-9. In addition to that, he is a founding and an associate member of an NGO, called ILÊWASI, based in Castellón, Spain as well as Special Assignment Editor of Pakistani’s first bilingual magazine, called, The Diplomatic Insight for last couple of years.
He has ten years of job and volunteer experience at national and international level. He has worked at Establishment Division, Govt. Of Pakistan in Gender Reform Action Plan, project and, at ActionAid-Pakistan for women and education’s rights besides some other public organisations. At International level, he has worked at Terre des Hommes, Spain. During his professional career, he has represented his organisations at national and international – from South East Asia to Europe and Africa – courses, seminars and lectures related to project implementation of Human Rights, Gender and Peace.
He has also written couple of articles and has assisted authors in their writing books and international research studies. Furthermore, he is active with a number of civil society groups working for peace and justice, women’s rights and nonviolence, including Pakistan India People’s Forum for Peace and Democracy (General Secretary – Islamabad Chapter in 2007-8), Council of Social Sciences, European Volunteer Group, International Centre on Nonviolent Conflict, Fundació per la Pau and a network of various rights based and peace organisation all over the world.
Seraiki speaking Malik knows Urdu, English, Spanish, Punjabi and Hindi while learning Català. Malik Hammad Ahmad represents The Diplomatic Insight in Spain.

Tatiana Karchenkova

January 16, 2012adminSpecial Assignment Editors

Tatiana Karchenkova
is a professional journalist, PhD in Russian history. The theme of her dissertation is «The Women’s issue in the Russian publicism of the second half of XIX century». She is the author of numerous publications, such as “The appearance of female magazines in Russia as a culturological phenomenon”; “Gender socio-cultural patterns in the Russian ethno-religious environment”; “Information policy of the Council of Europe and global governance” and many others.Her research interests include international relations and journalism, gender issues, environmental problems of Russia. Within these broad areas she focuses on the following: the different aspects of the work of international organizations; promotion of intercultural dialogue and peace; media and elections; freedom of communication on the Internet; the significance of PR in shaping the ecological thinking etc. She represents The Diplomatic Insight in Russia.

Ximena Holguin Remolina

January 12, 2012adminSpecial Assignment Editors

Ximena Holguin Remolina is Representative of the Justice for Khojaly Campaign in Mexico City. She has worked for The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Radio Education, Radio Ibero, Ministry of Navy, PGR and various other organizations.  She has a degree for  Interpenetration and Translator from Mexico.  As a translator she worked for various International Agnecies , NGO Secretariats and Ministries.  She represents The Diplomatic Insight from Mexico.

Sarah Flatto

January 12, 2012adminSpecial Assignment Editors

Sarah Flatto is a Project Manager at the New York City Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, managing civic engagement and outreach projects. Previously, she was a Training Coordinator with the Hand-in-Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Jerusalem. Sarah was most recently awarded the U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship to learn Urdu. She received an Earth Institute Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict, and Complexity Graduate Fellowship, and the McGill University Arts Undergraduate Improvement Award. As a freelance writer and editor, she has contributed to the Columbia University Institute for the Study of Human Rights, Current Issues in Comparative Education Journal, Journal of International Affairs, and the McGill Daily. Sarah has international work and research experience in India, Pakistan, Israel, Haiti, and Rwanda. Sarah holds an M.A. in International Educational Development with a concentration in conflict resolution from Columbia University and a B.A in Political Science. from McGill University. She is particularly interested in cross-cultural education, peacebuilding and public service provision in diverse communities. Sarah is originally from New York City and currently lives in Harlem, New York City.
Sarah represents The Diplomatic Insight in USA.

Dr. Shakti Prasad Srichandan

January 12, 2012adminSpecial Assignment Editors

Shakti Prasad Srichandan did his Masters in Economics and PhD in International Relations with specialisation on European affairs from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Dr. Srichandan has been a member of the International Security Programme, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, London and alumnus of International Forum on Strategic Thinking, German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), Berlin, Germany. Recently he became the youngest member of the Research Group and Studies Council of the Centre for Contemporary India Research and Studies, Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw, Poland. He was a visiting researcher at Public Law Institute (IDP), University of Barcelona, Spain and at Centre for European Integration Studies (ZEI), University of Bonn, Germany. He is also and Visiting Faculty, Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication (SIMC), Symbiosis International University, Pune. He has also served as the member of Board of Studies in Economics, Academic Council, S.C.S. Autonomous College, Utkal University, Odisha, India. He is presently an Assistant Professor at the University of Delhi. He has been selected for a Post Doctoral Fellow position at Oxford University starting from March 2012. His research interests include Indian foreign policy, Indian economy, European security and development issues, South Asian cooperation, etc. Dr. Srichandan has widely travelled and published and presented a number of papers related to his research interests. Apart from academic engagements, he has also excelled in painting and writing.  Dr. Shakti represents The Diplomatic Insight in India.

Dr. Shams Yasir

January 12, 2012adminSpecial Assignment Editors

Dr. Shams Yasir has graduated from Kabul Medical University. After graduation from Medical faculty, he  worked at L.R.H. Peshawar for 6months. After that he worked as Medical Officer at Cure International hospital Kabul and then continued the same post at UIProjects for three years in Khost province. Currently he is  working at Colombo Plan Afghanistan Office since four years.  He is  supervising Counter Narcotics Public Information Campaign in 28 provinces of Afghanistan. He has 28 provincial offices and his  officers work closely with Ministry of Counter Narcotics of Afghanistan. Counter Narcotics messages are delivered to the farmers, elders, youths, women, Ulema and officials by conducting conferences, Jirgas (council gatherings), Ulema conferences, youth conferences and congresses, workshops for youths, women, teachers, religious leaders and law enforcement officers. Messages were also delivered to the target population through mass media (Radio, TV, Posters, Billboards, school bags, note books, pen, pencil and rulers). On the other side, capacity building workshops were conducted for Counter Narcotics Officers around the country.  Dr. Yasir represent The Diplomatic Insight in Afghanistan.

Tanja Miscevic

January 8, 2012adminSpecial Assignment Editors

Tanja Miscevic graduated in 2003 from Bucharest University, at Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences, majoring in Social Communication. She continued her two years postgraduate studies in Theory of Culture, at Faculty of Political, at University of Belgrade. During her graduate

academic development, she attended postgraduate courses at University of Bologna and Ravenna and Central European University, following the subject areas such as Cultural Heritage in the Byzantine Era and Cultural Policy Issues. She works as a journalist and a broadcaster for Serbian Broadcasting Organization – Radio Belgrade since 2004 until present. Her other collaborations include broadcasting at Deutsche Welle – Serbian Desk, and on call correspondence for the

Romanian national Radio Actualitatii. More recent collaboration include working with the German Landesanstalt fuer Medien from Dusseldorf. Apart from her journalistic work, Tanja Miscevic works also as a freelance translator/interpreter, covering English, Romanian

and German languages. She also worked as a referrals officer at the Australian Embassy in Belgrade. At her current post, at SBC’s Radio Belgrade 1, Tanja Miscevic works

at External Politics/World Affairs desk, with main reporting/writing interests on USA and EU foreign policy, relations with the Islam world and world geopolitical analysis. Tanja Miscevic represents The Diplomatic Insight in Serbia.

I am a first grade teacher, applying for a STEM position as a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA). This will be the first time a position like this has been offered in our district, and ours is the first elementary school to have a STEM focus. What should be the STEM teacher’s role? How do schools facilitate this? Any information that could be passed on would be appreciated.
—Elizabeth, Duluth, Minnesota

Schools are facing the challenge of providing professional development (PD) related to STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Should schools contract with outside consultants? Hire motivational speakers for once-and-done presentations? Expect (or require) teachers to learn on their own?

I’m interested that your school is thinking about using a staff member as a “Teacher on Special Assignment” (TOSA). TOSAs are experienced teachers given release time to assist teachers and administrators with projects related to curriculum and instruction. Often these positions are funded through grants or other special funds. These positions might last one year or several years. The TOSA maintains his or her position on the salary and seniority scale while performing the duties.

I was TOSA for K-12 technology, and my district also had a TOSA for elementary science. We often collaborated on PD projects integrating the two fields. We saw ourselves as “coaches” in these areas. (There is now a wealth of literature in effective coaching.) Basically, it boils down to supporting teachers rather than telling them what to do or doing things for them. TOSAs can support teachers by sharing resources and information, demonstrating strategies, asking questions, hosting PD sessions, and co-teaching. It’s important that teachers see you as a non-evaluative colleague rather than an administrator. This is sometimes a difficult role.

Before you accept the position (I’m being optimistic that you will receive the offer), I would definitely read the job description carefully. It seems like the role should be to build capacity within the faculty in terms of STEM content and practices. If you’re viewed as a “special” and teachers get (or assume they have) a planning period while you teach their classes, it would defeat this purpose. What happens then in those classrooms after you return to your first grade position?

Begin with the end in mind. Based on the current status of STEM subjects in your school, what should change as a result of your assignment? Discuss the goals and expectations with your administrator and share them with the teachers. Talk to the teachers in terms of what they need to know or be able to do to incorporate STEM topics at the elementary level.

Will you still be part of the teaching staff? What other duties might you be assigned? What resources and budget will you have? Will you be able to attend conferences? What happens after the end of the assignment? Work with your teacher’s association and ask for a written statement from the administration about your status and returning to your classroom and teaching assignment. You should definitely have a personal, secure space to work and store materials (i.e., an office).

You’ll probably be responsible for record-keeping related to the project. Keep a detailed log of your days and how you use your time, including preparation time finding information, organizing materials, and preparing demonstration lessons. Log time beyond the school day, too. Consider setting up a project website or using social media to communicate and share with teachers.

In addition to being a TOSA myself, in another position I worked with TOSAs on reading, science, and other PD projects. I think for all of us it was an eye-opening, career-changing experience that was a chance to develop as teacher-leaders, enhance our own classroom teaching, and provide an opportunity to share with and learn from other teachers—the ultimate in professional development.

From your letter, it sounds like you have a lot of STEM experiences to build on and share. Good luck!



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