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Tutors on Wheels is the PREMIER provider of after school tutoring in New York City. Our decade-long service to the after school community consists of Common Core Standards experts--certified, experienced tutors providing differentiated instruction to ALL TYPES of students, at flexible schedules and affordable prices. – more... Working with Tutors on Wheels means:

Since 2003, our tutoring services make positive changes. We are Common Core Standards experts, and our differentiated instruction supports the academic success of students, including thousands of special needs students, at all grade levels.

Certified, Experienced Tutors
Tutors on Wheels screens and monitors tutors. The selection process requires subject matter expertise, face-to-face interviews, reference checks, and New York State fingerprinting.

Differentiated Instruction
Instruction includes rigorous assessment processes and customized learning. We review Individualized Education Programs and support students goals too. Tutors are also blended learning specialists, incorporating both face-to-face and online instruction.

Flexibility and Affordable Pricing
Tutors on Wheels provides affordable tutoring services. Our tutors meet the students where they are--
homes, schools, or community centers. We have partnerships with schools, libraries, nonprofits, and government agencies in all five boroughs. – less

Today, hundreds of volunteers work one-on-one with children whose homelessness prevents them from getting the academic stability and help they desperately need. The heart of School on Wheels’ programs is the volunteer tutors who come from all backgrounds and professions, with a shared goal – to reach out to a child, to teach, to mentor, and assist in their educational life.

The mission of School on Wheels is to enhance educational opportunities for homeless children from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Our goal is to shrink the gaps in their education and provide them with the highest level of education possible. Our program serves as a consistent support system to homeless students at a time of great stress and fear. We bring the message to our students that they are cared about and important.

We do this by offering:

  • One-on-one weekly tutoring
  • School supplies
  • Assistance in entering school
  • Help in locating lost records
  • Scholarships
  • Guidance for parents in educational matters for their children
  • A Learning Center located in the heart of Skid Row

Our core values represent what we believe in, what we stand for, and how we approach everything we do. They determine how we treat each other, our students, volunteers, donors, partners, and the communities we serve. Our values serve as both a description of what we already share and an aspiration for what School on Wheels continues to strive for. We measure our success by how well we live up to them.

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