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Q: What are admission and scholarship committees looking for in my essay?

A: Colleges look for you in the essay. Beyond SAT scores and community service hours, who are you?

Your dream college reads thousands of essays to choose their dream students. These students will contribute to campus life, plan to graduate, and donate money to the school.

Universities, charities, churches, corporations, and others provide scholarships. Scholarship committees give thousands of dollars to students with accomplishments and goals that mesh well with their organizational objectives. For example, community service is the backbone of charitable organizations. Be prepared to vividly demonstrate your volunteerism.

So, how do you prove that you belong at Dream College? How do you win the scholarships?

  • Write at least an hour everyday.
  • Read at least an hour everyday.
  • Consider your audience.
  • Completely answer the essay question.
  • Use correct grammar.
  • Tell the committee something new. Because they read your application, they already know that you are Secretary of the National Honor Society.
  • Read the essay aloud.
  • Request someone to proofread the essay.

U.S.A.Y. Essay Writing

Scholar Ready instills writing skills for three purposes — admissions essays, scholarship essays, and college-level compositions— with one service.

Usage: Grammar

Style: Word choice, rhetorical devices, sentence structure

Audience: Grabbing their attention, tone, elaboration

You: Choosing a topic, organizing your life experiences, brainstorming, self-editing techniques

GET ME TO COLLEGE provides all kinds of college admissions and college success advice.

We are here to guide you through the entire college admissions and career readiness process.

 “I have used your listing of diversity college visits on to have my students strategize, contact, and apply to fly-in weekends. It is the best, most comprehensive listing that I have found. What a huge service — having all of those resources in one place!”   -Emily Standish, College Admission, LLC.

Where should you start?

Watch our videos.

Read our advice.

Then make a plan.

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