Dish Network Satellite Channel Assignments

Featuring the channels currently uplinked to DISH Network's consumer satellite system. This site is not owned or connected to DISH Network.
DISH Network Channel List 1-999
Including all mapdowns except local channels.
DISH subscription required.

Channel Types - =HD, =SD, =SD for ViP receivers, =Audio, =Video on Demand, =Interactive TV
Availability - =Available (to some customer group), =Available (limited availability), =Not Available (internal testing)
Other Flags - F=Free, P=Preview, H=Hidden from non subscribers, R=Regional Restrictions, D=DRM flagged, O=Instant Order
Number after each satellite is the transponder number followed by the spot beam number (if a spotbeam).

1VOD1Video On Demand H 110�21 H61.5�14 H72.7�21
70-00DNFYILocal Mapdown - DISH FYI5739 H 119�14 H72.7�22(Channel Map)
71QVCQuality Value Choice HR 129�32 HR72.7�30
71-00QVCLocal Mapdown - Quality Value Choice137P O 119�6P O61.5�7(Channel Map)
72-00VALULocal Mapdown - (Infomercials)104P 119�10P72.7�31(Channel Map)
73-00BEAUTLocal Mapdown - (Advertising)9646P 110�10P72.7�31(Channel Map)
81-00ICTVLocal Mapdown - (Infomercials)9532P 119�16P72.7�5(Channel Map)
82-00FETVLocal Mapdown - Family Entertainment TV9642P 110�10P72.7�31(Channel Map)
83-00JTVLocal Mapdown - (Shopping Channel)227P O 110�10P O72.7�5(Channel Map)
84-00HSNLocal Mapdown - Home Shopping Network222P O 119�16P O72.7�9(Channel Map)
85-00EPICLocal Mapdown - (Infomercials)224P O 110�10P O72.7�31(Channel Map)
86-00MALLLocal Mapdown - (Shopping)123P 110�10P72.7�31(Channel Map)
87-00SMARTLocal Mapdown - (Advertising)9643P 119�13P72.7�31(Channel Map)
94-00REALLocal Mapdown - (Infomercials)9644P 110�10P72.7�31(Channel Map)
95-00DEALLocal Mapdown - (Advertising)9645P 110�10P72.7�31(Channel Map)
96-00GAMESLocal Mapdown - 25027 H 119�13 H72.7�5(Channel Map)
99SXMSirius/XM Music ChannelsEPG HD 119�18EPG HD72.7�5Subchannel EPG Channel
99-02SXM02Sirius/XM Hits 16002 D 119�18 D72.7�5
99-04SXM04Sirius/XM PitBull Globalization6004 D 119�16 D72.7�9
99-05SXM05Sirius/XM 50s on 56005 D 119�6 D72.7�5
99-06SXM06Sirius/XM 60s on 66006 D 119�6 D72.7�22
99-07SXM07Sirius/XM 70s on 76007 D 119�6 D72.7�22
99-08SXM08Sirius/XM 80s on 86008 D 119�18 D72.7�25
99-09SXM09Sirius/XM 90s on 96009 D 119�17 D72.7�9
99-10SXM10Sirius/XM Pop2K6010 D 119�16 D72.7�9
99-13SXM13Sirius/XM Velvet6013 D 119�8 D72.7�5
99-14SXM14Sirius/XM Coffee House6014 D 119�17 D72.7�31
99-15SXM15Sirius/XM The Pulse6015 D 119�8 D72.7�25
99-16SXM16Sirius/XM The Blend6016 D 119�8 D72.7�5
99-19SXM19Sirius/XM Elvis Radio6019 D 119�8 D72.7�25
99-20SXM20Sirius/XM E Street Radio6020 D 119�20 D72.7�25
99-21SXM21Sirius/XM Underground Garage6021 D 119�8 D72.7�25
99-22SXM22Sirius/XM Pearl Jam Radio6022 D 119�13 D72.7�31
99-23SXM23Sirius/XM The Grateful Dead6023 D 119�17 D72.7�31
99-24SXM24Sirius/XM Radio Margaritaville6024 D 119�20 D72.7�31
99-25SXM25Sirius/XM Classic Rewind6025 D 119�20 D72.7�31
99-26SXM26Sirius/XM Classic Vinyl6026 D 119�18 D72.7�31
99-27SXM27Sirius/XM Deep Tracks6027 D 119�13 D72.7�31
99-28SXM28Sirius/XM Spectrum6028 D 119�13 D72.7�31
99-29SXM29Sirius/XM Jam_ON6029 D 119�17 D72.7�31
99-30SXM30Sirius/XM The Loft6030 D 119�17 D72.7�31
99-32SXM32Sirius/XM The Bridge6032 D 119�17 D72.7�25
99-33SXM33Sirius/XM 1st Wave6033 D 119�17 D72.7�25
99-34SXM34Sirius/XM Lithium6034 D 119�17 D72.7�25
99-35SXM35Sirius/XM XMU6035 D 119�18 D72.7�25
99-36SXM36Sirius/XM Alt Nation6036 D 119�18 D72.7�25
99-37SXM37Sirius/XM Octane6037 D 119�13 D72.7�25
99-38SXM38Sirius/XM Ozzy's Boneyard6038 D 119�13 D72.7�25
99-39SXM39Sirius/XM Hair Nation6039 D 119�17 D72.7�25
99-40SXM40Sirius/XM Liquid Metal6040 D 119�18 D72.7�25
99-41SXM41Sirius/XM Faction6041 D 119�18 D72.7�25
99-42SXM42Sirius/XM The Joint6042 D 119�13 D72.7�9
99-43SXM43Sirius/XM BackSpin6043 D 119�20 D72.7�25
99-44SXM44Sirius/XM Hip-Hop Nation6044 D 119�18 D72.7�25
99-45SXM45Sirius/XM Shade 456045 D 119�17 D72.7�31
99-46SXM46Sirius/XM The Heat6046 D 119�17 D72.7�5
99-47SXM47Sirius/XM FLY6047 D 119�16 D72.7�9
99-48SXM48Sirius/XM Heart & Soul6048 D 119�17 D72.7�5
99-49SXM49Sirius/XM Soul Town6049 D 119�17 D72.7�7
99-50SXM50Sirius/XM The Groove6050 D 119�16 D72.7�9
99-51SXM51Sirius/XM BPM6051 D 119�17 D72.7�25
99-52SXM52Sirius/XM Electric Area6052 D 119�17 D72.7�31
99-53SXM53Sirius/XM Chill6053 D 119�18 D72.7�25
99-54SXM54Sirius/XM Studio 54 Radio6054 D 119�20 D72.7�25
99-55SXM55Sirius/XM Utopia6055 D 119�16 D72.7�9
99-56SXM56Sirius/XM The Highway6056 D 119�18 D72.7�7
99-57SXM57Sirius/XM Y2Kountry6057 D 119�18 D72.7�7
99-58SXM58Sirius/XM Prime Country6058 D 119�13 D72.7�7
99-59SXM59Sirius/XM Willie's Roadhouse6059 D 119�17 D72.7�7
99-60SXM60Sirius/XM Outlaw Country6060 D 119�17 D72.7�7
99-62SXM62Sirius/XM Music6062 D 119�17 D72.7�9
99-63SXM63Sirius/XM The Message6063 D 119�20 D72.7�25
99-64SXM64Sirius/XM Praise6064 D 119�17 D72.7�9
99-65SXM65Sirius/XM enLignten6065 D 119�17 D72.7�25
99-66SXM66Sirius/XM Watercolors6066 D 119�18 D72.7�9
99-67SXM67Sirius/XM Real Jazz6067 D 119�17 D72.7�31
99-68SXM68Sirius/XM Spa6068 D 119�18 D72.7�22
99-69SXM69Sirius/XM Escape6069 D 119�17 D72.7�31
99-70SXM70Sirius/XM BB King's Bluesville6070 D 119�8 D72.7�5
99-71SXM71Sirius/XM Siriusly Sinatra6071 D 119�17 D72.7�25
99-72SXM72Sirius/XM On Broadway6072 D 119�18 D72.7�25
99-73SXM73Sirius/XM 40s Junction6073 D 119�17 D72.7�25
99-74SXM74Sirius/XM Met Opera Radio6074 D 119�18 D72.7�22
99-75SXM75Sirius/XM Music6075 D 119�17 D72.7�9
99-76SXM76Sirius/XM Symphony Hall6076 D 119�18 D72.7�25
99-91SXM91Sirius/XM (147) Viva6091 D 119�16 D72.7�9
99-94SXM94Sirius/XM (151) Aguila6094 D 119�16 D72.7�9
99-95SXM95Sirius/XM (150) Caliente6095 D 119�16 D72.7�9
99-96SXM96Sirius/XM (523) Caricia6096 D 119�16 D72.7�9
100HOMEDISH Home (Interactive)F 110�8
MULTIDISH Multiview (Interactive)P 110�13
HOMEDISH Home (Interactive)F72.7�21
MULTIDISH Multiview (Interactive)P72.7�23
101D101DISH 101F 119�14F72.7�31
102STDIODISH Studio ChannelP 119�14
STDIOHD Mapdown - DISH Studio Channel9501 129�2472.7�12(HD Channel Map)
PREMLocal Mapdown - 25023 H 119�13 H72.7�5(Channel Map)
103PREVWFree Preview AnnouncementsP 110�21P72.7�9
HOPRPT HD Mapdown - Hopper How To9590F 110�13F72.7�23(HD Channel Map)
104VALU(Infomercials)(72-00)P 119�10P72.7�31(Channel Map)
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105USAUSA Network D O 119�13 D O 77�26(Popup 19922)
USAHD Mapdown - USA Network9431 HD 119�7 HD61.5�17(Popup 19922) (HD Channel Map)
USAHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4105 HD 119�7 HD61.5�17
USAHD Mapdown - USA Network4302 HRD 119�7
USAHD Mapdown - USA Network4430 HRD 119�7
106TVLNDTV Land O 119�6 O61.5�7 O 77�11
107CMDYComedy Central O 119�14 O 77�26
CMDYHD Mapdown - Spot: Cuba / Puerto Rico9485 HR 129�17 HR61.5�6 HR 110�20s48/49(HD Channel Map)
CMDYHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska9485 HR 129�5s1(HD Channel Map)
CMDYHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9485 HR 129�2s55(HD Channel Map)
VODLocal Mapdown - Comedy Central On Demand25009 H 119�13 H72.7�5Network(cmdy) (Channel Map)
CMDYHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4107 H 129�17 H61.5�6
CMDYHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska4304 HR 129�5s1
CMDYHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4304 HR 129�2s55
CMDYHD Mapdown - Spot: Cuba / Puerto Rico4432 HR 110�20s48/49
108LIFELifetime O 119�13 O 77�25
LIFEHD Mapdown - Spot: Cuba / Puerto Rico9470 HR 129�17 HR61.5�13 HR 110�20s48/49(HD Channel Map)
LIFEHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska9470 HR 129�5s1(HD Channel Map)
LIFEHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9470 HR 129�2s55(HD Channel Map)
LIFEHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4108 H 129�17 H61.5�13
LIFEHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska4303 HR 129�5s1
LIFEHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4303 HR 129�2s55
LIFEHD Mapdown - Spot: Cuba / Puerto Rico4431 HR 110�20s48/49
109LMNLifetime Movie Network O 110�2 O 77�11
LMNHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska9471 HR 129�28 HR61.5�13 HR 129�10s1(HD Channel Map)
LMNHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9471 HR 129�14s55(HD Channel Map)
LMNHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4109 H 129�28 H61.5�13
LMNHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska4305 HR 129�10s1
LMNHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4305 HR 129�14s55
110FOODFood Channel O 119�14 O 77�26
FOODHD Mapdown - Spot: Cuba / Puerto Rico9462 HR 129�17 HR61.5�13 HR 110�20s48/49(HD Channel Map)
FOODHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska9462 HR 129�5s1(HD Channel Map)
FOODHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9462 HR 129�2s55(HD Channel Map)
FOODHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4110 H 129�17 H61.5�13
FOODHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska4306 HR 129�5s1
FOODHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4306 HR 129�2s55
FOODHD Mapdown - Spot: Cuba / Puerto Rico4434 HR 110�20s48/49
111DIYDo It Yourself O 110�5 O 77�26
DIYHD Mapdown - Do It Yourself9527 H 110�19 H61.5�4(HD Channel Map)
DIYHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4111 H 110�19 H61.5�4
DIYHD Mapdown - Do It Yourself4422 HR 110�19
DIYHD Mapdown - Do It Yourself4465 HR 110�19
112HGTVHome & Garden TV O 119�14 O 77�26
HGTVHD Mapdown - Spot: Cuba / Puerto Rico9461 HR 129�17 HR61.5�13 HR 110�20s48/49(HD Channel Map)
HGTVHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska9461 HR 129�5s1(HD Channel Map)
HGTVHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9461 HR 129�2s55(HD Channel Map)
HGTVHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4112 H 129�17 H61.5�13
HGTVHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska4307 HR 129�5s1
HGTVHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4307 HR 129�2s55
HGTVHD Mapdown - Spot: Cuba / Puerto Rico4435 HR 110�20s48/49
113COOKCooking Channel O 110�5
COOKHD Mapdown - Cooking Channel9447 H 110�19 H61.5�11(HD Channel Map)
COOKHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4113 H 110�19 H61.5�11
COOKHD Mapdown - Cooking Channel4354 H 110�19
COOKHD Mapdown - Cooking Channel4433 HR 110�19
114E!E! Entertainment TV O 119�8 O 77�25(Popup 19922)
E!HD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska9474 HR 129�28 HR61.5�13 HR 129�10s1(Popup 19922) (HD Channel Map)
E!HD Mapdown - Spot: (Hawaii) (Puerto Rico)9474 HR 129�14s55 HR 119�4sB23(HD Channel Map)
E!HD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4114 H 129�28 H61.5�13
E!HD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska4412 HR 129�10s1
E!HD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4412 HR 129�14s55
E!HD Mapdown - Spot: Puerto Rico4428 HR 119�4sB23
115NCAAP 110�2P72.7�31
116GSNGame Show Channel O 119�8 O 77�14
GSNHD Mapdown - Game Show Channel9448 HR 129�20 HR61.5�9(HD Channel Map)
GSNHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4116 H 129�20 H61.5�9
117POPPop TV 119�661.5�7 77�10
POPHD Mapdown - Pop TV9427 H 129�20 H61.5�11(HD Channel Map)
118A&EA&E O 119�8 O 77�26
A&EHD Mapdown - Spot: Cuba / Puerto Rico9419 HR 129�23 HR61.5�12 HR 110�18s48/49(HD Channel Map)
A&EHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska9419 HR 129�7s1(HD Channel Map)
A&EHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9419 HR 129�4s55(HD Channel Map)
A&EHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4118 H 129�23 H61.5�12
A&EHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska4308 HR 129�7s1
A&EHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4308 HR 129�4s55
A&EHD Mapdown - Spot: Cuba / Puerto Rico4436 HR 110�18s48/49
119FYIFYI Channel O 110�5
FYIHD Mapdown - FYI Channel9443 HR 129�20 HR61.5�11(HD Channel Map)
FYIHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4119 H 129�20 H61.5�11
FYIHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska4309 HR 119�5sA24
FYIHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4309 HR 119�3sA27
FYIHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska9433 HR 119�5sA24
FYIHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9433 HR 119�3sA27
120HISTHistory Channel O 119�10 O 77�26
HISTHD Mapdown - Spot: Cuba / Puerto Rico9491 HR 129�23 HR61.5�5 HR 110�18s48/49(HD Channel Map)
HISTHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska9491 HR 129�7s1(HD Channel Map)
HISTHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9491 HR 129�4s55(HD Channel Map)
VODLocal Mapdown - History On Demand25004 H 119�13 H72.7�5Network(hist) (Channel Map)
HISTHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4120 H 129�23 H61.5�5
HISTHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska4310 HR 129�7s1
HISTHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4310 HR 129�4s55
HISTHD Mapdown - Spot: Cuba / Puerto Rico4438 HR 110�18s48/49
121VICEViceland O 110�1 O 77�14
VICEHD Mapdown - Viceland9525 H 110�22 H61.5�4(HD Channel Map)
VICEHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4121 H 110�22 H61.5�4
VICEHD Mapdown - Viceland4419 HR 110�22
VICEHD Mapdown - Viceland4460 HR 110�22
122SYFYSyFy Channel D O 119�8 D O 77�25(Popup 19922)
SYFYHD Mapdown - SyFy Channel9432 HD 119�7 HD61.5�17(Popup 19922) (HD Channel Map)
SYFYHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4122 HD 119�7 HD61.5�17
SYFYHD Mapdown - SyFy Channel4311 HRD 119�7
SYFYHD Mapdown - SyFy Channel4439 HRD 119�7
123MALL(Shopping)(86-00)P 110�10P72.7�31(Channel Map)
124BETBlack Entertainment TV O 119�10 O 77�11
BETHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska9510 HR 129�29 HR61.5�10 HR 129�12s1(HD Channel Map)
BETHD Mapdown - Spot: (Hawaii) (Puerto Rico)9510 HR 129�6s55 HR 119�1sB22(HD Channel Map)
BETHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4124 H 129�29 H61.5�10
BETHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska4312 HR 129�12s1
BETHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4312 HR 129�6s55
BETHD Mapdown - Spot: Puerto Rico4440 HR 119�1sB22
125FXXFXX D O 110�1
FXXHD Mapdown - FXX9520 HD 110�19 HD61.5�10(HD Channel Map)
FXXHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4149 HD 110�19 HD61.5�10
126SUNDSundance 119�13
SUNDHD Mapdown - Sundance9588 HR 129�20 HR61.5�4(HD Channel Map)
SUNDHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4158 H 129�20 H61.5�4
127OXYGNOxygen O 119�6 O61.5�7 O 77�11(Popup 19922)
128WEWomen's Entertainment O 119�14 O 77�11
WEHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska9578 HR 129�28 HR61.5�4 HR 129�10s1(HD Channel Map)
WEHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9578 HR 129�14s55(HD Channel Map)
WEHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4128 H 129�28 H61.5�4
129BRAVOBravo D O 119�10 D O 77�25(Popup 19922)
BRAVOHD Mapdown - Spot: Cuba / Puerto Rico9492 HRD 129�23 HRD61.5�5 HRD 110�18s48/49(Popup 19922) (HD Channel Map)
BRAVOHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska9492 HRD 129�7s1(HD Channel Map)
BRAVOHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9492 HRD 129�4s55(HD Channel Map)
BRAVOHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4129 HD 129�23 HD61.5�5
BRAVOHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska4313 HRD 129�7s1
BRAVOHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4313 HRD 129�4s55
BRAVOHD Mapdown - Spot: Cuba / Puerto Rico4441 HRD 110�18s48/49
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130HDNMVHD Net Movies 110�21(Popup 19903)
HDNMVHD Mapdown - HD Net Movies9423 O 119�7 O72.7�24(Popup 19903) (HD Channel Map)
HDNMVHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4283 H 119�7 H72.7�24
HDNMVHD Mapdown - HD Net Movies4484 HR 119�7
131AMCAmerican Movie Classics O 119�8 O 77�11
AMCHD Mapdown - Spot: Cuba / Puerto Rico9417 HR 129�23 HR61.5�12 HR 110�18s48/49(HD Channel Map)
AMCHD Mapdown - Spot: Alaska9417 HR 129�7s1(HD Channel Map)
AMCHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9417 HR 129�4s55(HD Channel Map)
AMCHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4130 H 129�23

Dish Network Channel Listings for the Dish Network's 110�, 119� 61.5� and 148� Satellites

Following is a listing of Dish Network channels available on their two primary satellites at 110� and 119�, as well as channels on two other secondary satellites at 61.5� and 148�.

Please note that not all channels listed may be available, and channel offerings and assignments are subject to change by Dish Network at any time. It has been some time since we updated this list, and it may be horribly out of date by now. For the most accurate listings, please visit the Dish Network web site at:

Ch. #

Channel Name


100Dish Home Interactive TV
101Remote Control Help
103Pay Per View Guide
105USA Network
106TV Land
107Comedy Central
109Lifetime Movie Network
110Food Network
111Do It Yourself
116Game Show Network
119The Biography Channel
120The History Channel
121History Channel International
122Sci-Fi Channel
128Women's Entertainment
130American Movie Classics
131Independent Film Channel
132Turner Classic Movies
133Fox Movie Channel
135BBC America
139Dish Network Sports Stop
143ESPN Classic
144ESPN 2
145ESPN Alternate
146ESPN 2 Alternate
149Fox Sports World
150The Speed Channel
151Outdoor Life Network
153The Outdoor Channel
161MTV 2
163VH1 Classic
167Great America Country
168Spike TV
171Nickelodeon (west)
172The Disney Channel
173The Disney Channel (west)
174Toon Disney
176Cartoon Network
177Nick GAS
178The Learning Channel
179Discovery Kids
180ABC Family
182The Discovery Channel
184Animal Planet
185The Hallmark Channel
186National Geographic Channel
188Soap Net
189Discovery Health
191G4Tech TV
192Discovery Times
193The Science Channel
194Discovery Home & Leisure

Discovery Wings

202CNN Headline News
203Bloomberg TV
204Court TV
205Fox News Channel
206CNN Financial/International
207CNBC World
212C-SPAN 2
213Nasa TV
214The Weather Channel
220The Travel Channel
221Men's Shopping
222Home Shopping Network
223Healthy Living Shopping
224Shop At Home
225Beauty & Fashion Shopping
227Americas Collectibles Network
228Shop NBC
230TBS Superstation
232KTLA (Los Angeles WB)
234WPIX (New York City WB)
235KWGN (Denver WB)
236WSBK (Boston UPN)
238WWOR (New York City UPN)
241WNBC TV 4 - NBC New York
242KNTV TV 11 - NBC San Francisco
243WCBS TV 2 - CBS New York
244KPIX TV 5 - CBS San Francisco
245WABC TV 7 - ABC New York
246KGO TV 7 - ABC San Francisco
247WNYW TV 5 - FOX New York
248KTVU TV 2 - FOX San Francisco
260Trinity Broadcasting Network
262Angel One

Wisdom TV

301HBO 2
302HBO Signature
303HBO (west)
304HBO 2 (west)
305HBO Family
307HBO Comedy
309HBO Latino
311Cinemax (west)
319Showtime (west)
320Showtime 2
321Showtime Showcase
322Showtime Extreme
323Showtime Beyond
327The Movie Channel
328The Movie Channel Xtra
329The Movie Channel (west)
330The Movie Channel Xtra (west)
332Sundance Channel
341Encore (west)
342Encore Westerns
343Encore Action
344Encore Mystery
345Encore True Stories
346Encore Love Stories
347Encore WAM
351Starz (west)
352Starz Theater
353Starz Cinema
354Starz Cinema (west)
355Black Starz

Starz Family

401The Golf Channel
405TV Games
407Gol TV
411Fox Sports West 2
412Madison Square Gardens
413Fox Sports New York
414Fox Sports Rocky Mountain
415Fox Sports Arizona
416Fox Sports Southwest
417Fox Sports West
418Fox Sports Midwest
419Fox Sports Bay Area
420Fox Sports South
421Fox Sports Chicago
422Sunshine Network
423Fox Sports Florida
424Comcast Sports Net Mid Atlantic
425Fox Sports Ohio
426Fox Sports Northwest
427Fox Sports Cincinnati
428Fox Sports Pittsburgh
430Fox Sports Detroit
432Empire Sports Network
434New England Sports Network
435Fox Sports New England
436Fox Sports North
437Turner South
445Sports Alternate 1
446Sports Alternate 2
447Sports Alternate 3
448Sports Alternate 4
450Dish Network Sports Stop
455PPV Sports
456PPV Sports
457PPV Sports
458PPV Sports
459PPV Sports
460PPV Sports
461PPV Sports
462PPV Sports
463PPV Sports
464PPV Sports
465PPV Sports
470PPV Sports
471PPV Sports
472PPV Sports
490Adult Guard Support
493The Hot Zone
494TEN Clips
495The Erotic Network
496TEN Xtasy

Playboy en Español

500Pay Per View Guide
501Dish on Demand Preorder Events
502Dish on Demand (All Day, DD)
503Dish on Demand (All Day, DD)
504Dish on Demand (All Day)
505Dish on Demand (All Day)
506Dish on Demand (All Day, DD, LBX)
507Dish on Demand (All Day)
508Dish on Demand (All Day)
509Dish on Demand (All Day)
510Dish on Demand (All Day, DD)
511Dish on Demand (All Day, DD)
512Dish on Demand (All Day, DD, LBX)
513Dish on Demand (All Day)
514Dish on Demand (All Day)
515Dish on Demand (All Day)
516Dish on Demand (All Day, DD)
517Dish on Demand (All Day, DD)
518Dish on Demand (All Day)
519Dish on Demand (All Day)
520Dish on Demand (All Day)
521Dish on Demand (All Day, DD)
522Dish on Demand (All Day)
523Dish on Demand (All Day, DD)
524Dish on Demand (All Day)
525Dish on Demand (All Day)
526Dish on Demand (All Day)
527Dish on Demand (All Day)
528Dish on Demand (All Day)
529Dish on Demand (All Day)
530Dish on Demand (All Day)
531Dish on Demand (All Day)
532Dish on Demand (All Day)
533Dish on Demand (All Day)
538Dish on Demand
539Dish on Demand en Español
540NHL Center Ice

NBA League Pass

580International Promotional Info
581Phoenix TV
582China Central TV 4
587Asia TV Home Channel
593RTVi Plus
594HTB America
596TV Globo
597Record Internacional
600RAI International
601RAI International
603ERT Sat
605Antenna Satellite
606TV 5
607Polsat 2
609TVN 24
610Sun TV
611Zee TV
613TV Asia
614Sony Entertainment TV
615RTP Internacional
616Prime TV
617Zee Cinema
619Bollywood 4U
640TV Japan
643ART Movies
645Al Jazeera
646Egyptian Satellite Channel 1
647Nile TV
648Future TV
649Dubai TV
653Arirang TV
655Radio Maria Spanish
656The Israeli Network
658Radio Maria Italy
660Radio France Internationale
664Radio Maria Poland
665Al Zikr
669ART Music


825TV Azteca
828Univision (west)
831Telefutura (west)
836Telemundo (west)
840TV Española
842TV Chile
845Discovery en Español
847Toon Disney
853Gol TV
855Fox Sports World Español
859CNN en Español
862De Pelicula
863De Pelicula Classico
865Cine Latino

MTV Español

874Viva Mariachi (mono)
875Fiesta Mexicana
876Latin Styles
877Miami Mix (mono)
878Tejano (mono)
879Latino Pop (mono)
923Hitline (mono)
924Hot FM (mono)
925Expressions (mono)
926Love Songs (mono)
927All That Jazz (mono)
928Moodscapes (mono)
929New Orleans (mono)
930Piano & Guitar (mono)
9317890 - 4 Decades of Music (mono)
93350's & 60's Hits (mono)
93470's Hits (mono)
93580's Hits (mono)
936Beach Party (mono)
937Country Music One (mono)
938Urban Adult (mono)
939Classic Soul (mono)
944Italia (mono)
945Tropical Breezes (mono)
946Roadhouse (mono)
950New Country
951Country Classics
952Country Currents
953Jukebox Gold
95470's Songbook
955Adult Favorites
956Adult Contemporary
957Adult Alternative
958Hot Hits
959Classic Rock
960Modern Rock Alternative
961Power Rock
963Urban Beat
964Latin Styles
965Fiesta Mexicana
966Euro Style
967Jazz Traditions
968Contemporary Jazz Flavors
969Acoustic Crossroads
970Contemporary Instrumentals
971Classical Ambience
972Light Classical
973Easy Instrumentals
974Big Band Era
975Contemporary Christian
976Kids Tunes
977New Age

BYU Radio Network

981Hawaiian Music
9400Research Channel
9402PBS You
9403BYU TV
9404University of Washington TV
9405Health TV
9406Star Net
9408Daystar TV
9409RFD TV
9411Northern Arizona University House
9412University of California TV
9413Educating Everyone
9414Family Net
9415Free Speech TV
9416Good Samaritan Network

Panhandle Area Educational

9420Discovery Theater HD
9425High Definition Events
9428Dish on Demand HD
9430Showtime High Definition
9440HBO High Definition
9443Dish HD Demo Channel
9500Dish Instant Weather
9601Business TV
9602Business TV
9611Business TV
9612Business TV
9622Business TV
9641Business TV
9900What's on Dish 500?

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